Summer Reading Club 2020

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Summer Reading Club is back for another exciting, fun-filled summer! It's free for all kids and teens. Inspire them with a lifelong love of reading--in their own way! Participate in programs, activities and contests all summer long! Bring Summer Reading Club wherever your summer adventure takes you.

What are you waiting for? Game On!

Sign up today to participate in the TD Summer Reading Club! We will set you up with a Reading Record for you to track your reading. You'll also get your own Summer Reading account. We'll take care of adding what you've read, but you can also take a look and explore jokes and stories, and write reviews through your account, too. Or, send it to us via email and we'll post it on our Kids' Wall!

If you register before July 15th, you will automatically be entered for our prize draw. Winners will be announced at the July 17th Summer Reading Club Meet-up Program at 2:00pm.

Ready to start to track your reading? Ready to start earning digital badges? Yes, you are!

Pick up a Reading Record from our Summer Reading Club table on curbside pickup days. Once your Reading Record is full, you can turn it in by putting it in your returned books like a bookmark. We'll add your reading to your Summer Reading Account for you.

Fill the Popsicle

Help us fill up our giant popsicle! Each time you track your reading on your account, it counts towards our community reading goal of 1000 hours! Join other Summer Reading Club participants by coming together to help us achieve our community goal. Watch the giant popsicle fill-up on our website and in our Window Display at L.E. Shore Library.

Lots of Books to Read!

Looking for things to read for Summer Reading Club? Place your hold here

Not sure what to read next? Fill out this form and we'll pick some great reads for you. Also, check our our book bundles for great ideas for what to read next!

Contests are happening all summer long! Keep checking back here to see what contest is happening.

Reading Champion - Prizes Given Out With Reading Club Activity Kits

Each time you turn in a full Reading Record, you are entered into a random draw! Get a Reading Record from the Summer Reading Club table on curbside pick-up days. When your Reading Record is full, return it to us through the drop box in a book like a bookmark. We'll see it and enter you in for a chance to win a cool prize. Get your read on!

Registration Raffle! Winner Announced

When you register for Summer Reading Club before July 15th, you'll automatically be entered for a random draw! The Winners will be announced at the July 17th Summer Reading Club Meet-up program happening at 2:00pm.

Share your picture, joke, comic, silly story, book review or activity you made from one of our programs here! Submit via email and we'll share it here for other kids and teens to see!

Interested in learning more about Summer Reading Club and the great benefits that come from participating? Visit the TD Summer Reading Club website here.