Strategic Planning Process

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Every four years The Blue Mountains Public Library approves a four-year organizational Strategic Plan. The 2018-2022 Strategic Plan was completed in Fall 2018 and will remain in place until 2022 when the new four-year Plan is developed.

The Strategic Plan Process was approved at the May 20, 2021 Board Meeting including research model, timelines, and Phases of the Strategic Plan Development. At this meeting the Board also established a working group of Laurey Gillies (Board member), the CEO and the Manager of Community Outreach, tasked with the planning process for achieving community consultation and responsibility to complete the Strategic Plan Study and report back to the Board with a responsive list of Goals and Objectives which can meet the expectations of a 21st century GLAM.

Phases of the Strategic Plan Process

Phase I: April-August 2021

This is a very important phase and referred to as a "Listening Stage". During this five month period the Working Group, staff, volunteers, and members of the Board  will be attending community activities, events, and interact with community groups. This informal consultation will have the goal of listening and hearing the interests and needs of the community--GLAM focused and other. In addition to listening and building awareness of our communities needs, a series of short surveys will be released to assist the Working Group in developing the formal consultation focus.

Phase II: September-December 2021

This second Phase is the "Formal Consultation" stage and will last approximately four months. Beginning with a Town Hall, the Working Group will gather feedback on how to proceed through consultation during the pandemic. Consultation will include one on one meetings, focus groups on a variety of themes, and formal surveys. These may be face to face or online via zoom or other platforms, depending on the Town Hall feedback and community situation at that time.

Additionally, our most successful event of the 2018-2022 consultation, our "Post-It Note" event, will be repeated. At this event we will pose a series of questions for the community to consider and provide feedback on. Participants will complete post-it notes with feedback, which will be posted on the questions so future participants can build on the comments throughout the process.

Phase III: January-April 2022

In the early months of 2022 the Working Group will synthesize the feedback and begin the draft objectives identified by the community. These will be brought back to community as a feedback loop to ensure what we heard is what the community said. At the end of this period the Working Committee will begin to draft the Strategic Plan.

Phase IV: May 2022

In May 2022 the Working Committee will draft the goals and objectives based on the thirteen month study. These will be presented to the community in a final Information Sessions for feedback prior to a final draft of the Strategic Plan being drafted.

Phase V: June 2022

By the June 16, 2022 Board Meeting, the draft 2022-2026 Strategic Plan will be presented to the Board for approval. Following approval (and possible revisions), the Board will present the Strategic Plan to Council and present a Town Hall to the community where the Plan can be explained.