Strategic Plan 2022-2026

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According to Board By-law, in the third year of the Board cycle the Strategic Plan Study is to be completed so that in the last year of the Board cycle a new Strategic Plan can be approved and begun to be implemented. As one of the key legacy documents of the Board, it is initiated by the outgoing board to address the ongoing needs of the organization, informed by the community, in a way that only years of information can produce.

Throughout 2021 the Library Board and the Strategic Planning Working Group completed a 14-month Strategic Plan Study which concluded with the approval of the 2022-2026 Strategic Plan at the April 21, 2022 Board Meeting. 

This Strategic Plan was released in two versions, the full document, which includes aspects of the research and rational of activities, and the Strategic Plan Executive Summary, which is a short document highlighting the 3 Pillars, 11 Goals and 2 Under-pinning themes. While the full document is only available electronically on this page, the Executive Summary is scheduled to be mailed to households in May 2022 and will also be available at each of the BMPL locations. 

In addition to the Strategic Plan, annually the Board will approve an Action Plan which completes making the goals SMART (strategic, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time oriented). These Action Plans are developed in concert with the CEO and staff and identify each of the strategic efforts for that year. Of note, the annual Action Plan is also a key document that the Board used to evaluate the CEO's performance. The 2022 Action Plan will be approved at the May 19, 2022 Board Meeting and is approved annually by the first meeting of the year.

As a means of transparency and accountability, the three Strategic Plan Pillars will be used as the framework for the Board committee structure, the presentation of the Key Messages, and the organization of the CEO reports.

The Blue Mountains Public Library is a dynamic centre of community engagement 
where everyone can connect, explore and create. 

Updated as part of the 2022 Community Consultation process.

Our Community Hubs meet the evolving interests and needs of our diverse and growing population
through thriving Gallery, Library, Archives and Museum (GLAM) services. 

Updated as part of the 2022 Community Consultation process.

The Values Map was developed by the Board and Staff as part of the 2018 Strategic Planning process. These 25 values were reviewed again during the 2022-2026 Strategic Plan Study and were reapproved. To better explain each of the Values we have a list here, in alpha order, identifying how each of these values are key concepts in GLAM services.

Accessibility. We ensure that all people, including those with visible and invisible disabilities have equal and equitable access to our services, programs and collections.

Accountability. We are accountable to our rate payers who provide the core funding of our service; our community who look to us to provide the services they require and request; and to our BMPL team of the Board, staff and volunteers, who look to each of us to demonstrate sound character on our actions and decision-making.

Clarity. Clear information ensures there is no mixed communication.

Community Centered. Our GLAM Services grow out of community needs, and are provided within our community hubs. These two facilities, as well as our pop-up services, have been identified as some of the most important places in our community. 

Courageous. In a world of alternate facts, courage to provide valid information, even in the face of opposition is a real issue. Our Board and management must also make courageous decisions as we make fiscal decisions and determine what is the best service model to meet the overall needs of our diverse community. 

Creativity. BMPL provides GLAM services that focus on being able to connect, explore and create.

Cultural Awareness. The knowledge, awareness and acceptance of other cultures and cultural identities makes our community a stronger place where we can all live, work and play. 

Directness. This value ensures that communication and interactions are straightforward and built on facts. This will further build on trust, respect, and honesty.

Eco-Conscious. BMPL values our local and global environments and provides programs and collections which support community knowledge. Additionally we hold ourselves to this standard in our purchasing policies and daily service model.

Efficiency. Be it our financial decisions, our use of time, or our difficult decisions on services to provide, we practice efficiency a good business practice. 

Equity. While equity is also a part of our under-pinning themes, we value equity over equality as information professionals. Our GLAM facilities and services both contribute to personal equitable wellbeing, while also being a tool of equitable access.

Excellence. This value is used as a measure of standard, and propels us to be leaders in our fields, and in the services we provide.

Forward Thinking. To be responsive and innovative, we must be able to be strategic thinkers and be aware of future trends before they become a need.

Helpfulness. As customer service specialists, it is essential that our character exhibits helpfulness. That is a core function of providing reactive GLAM services.

Inclusive. While inclusivity is also a part of our under-pinning themes, we value our communities diverse needs and expectations, including AODA, a welcoming atmosphere, and being a safe place for all who connect, explore and create within our GLAM.

Innovation. Information professionals have been innovators, especially in technologies and information sharing, for decades. Our GLAM must remain innovative in order to meet our community’s diverse needs.

Integrity. Our community understands that as information & knowledge professionals, we provide vetted and reliable resources and content. Our staff also understand that we are held to the expectation to be of an ethical and moral character. 

Intellectual Freedom. As information & knowledge specialists, we uphold all principles of intellectual freedom. This is the core foundation of all information & knowledge sectors.

Literacy. BMPL defines literacy beyond the classic “reading, writing, and arithmetic” and strives to provide modern essential life skill. As a knowledge field, our staff bring expertise across the many literacy concepts of 21 century living.

Respect. As customer service specialists, we respect our community members, their differences, and their needs. Respect is a core foundational element to achieving our under-pinning themes. 

Responsiveness. This value is essential to how we conduct ourselves to realizing the Vision of the BMPL. In order to meet evolving and diverse interests and needs, we must be responsive.

Stewardship. As a Non-for-profit corporation it is the Board’s responsibility to be stewards of the public organization. Our staff also hold roles in our being stewards of the organization, as well as stewards of information.

Support Democracy. As a core foundation of the information & knowledge sectors, supporting democracy ensures an informed citizenry. Every person has the right to information and free expression, and supporting democracy ensures that all individuals have free and equal access to information.

Sustainable. Our community has stressed for more than a decade, that our Town should keep sustainability as a lens when completing all decisions and plans. Our planning and actions focus on sustainability of our service, fiscal management, and facilities. 

Trust. Our community has placed a significant portion of the tax base into our care. It is our responsibility to maintain this trust relationship. Additionally, our services support those from the vulnerable sectors, and often community members who are seeking supports with vulnerable information.

The BMPL is comprised of a Gallery, Library, Archives and Museum (GLAM). At the time of the establishment of BMPL in 1995 and the opening of L.E. Shore in 1996, the organization was an early trail blazer of the GLAM by including a gallery within the building. For this, and the design of the facility, BMPL won awards. In 2016 the Board and TBM further established the organization as a GLAM when the Craigleith Heritage Depot community museum became a part of the BMPL. GLAMs are now understood to be the culture hubs of communities across the province, and more regularly have been seen to have a single operational body, such as in the BMPL GLAM model. 

G: Gallery

The Gallery at L.E. Shore acts as a centre for arts and culture in The Town of the Blue Mountains. The Gallery has a focus on artists and art forms of The Blue Mountains and our local area, as well as providing education to the community in the area of arts and culture.

L: Library

The Blue Mountains Public Library supports 21st Century literacies by ensuring equitable access to information in all its forms to grow an informed and connected citizenry.  As a community hub we offer programs and spaces which enable people to gather, socialize, learn, and play. 

A: Archives

The archives acquires and preserves local documentary objects at the Craigleith Heritage Depot in support of the community museum mandate. The wide range of archival material is a key resource that assists museum exhibition, education and programming as well as individual and community interests in the area of history, heritage and culture.

M: Museum

The Craigleith Heritage Depot community museum provides tangible links to the community, via artifacts, and intangible associations via memory, stories, and folklore. Through conservation and collection management the museum is a steward of local culture and natural heritage. As a designated heritage building, the Depot is not only the community museum facility, but a significant part of the collection.