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Teen Book Review: The Siren

Teen Book Review: The Siren

Posted by Mary on May 9, 2020

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In “The Siren” by Kiera Cass, Kahlen is reminiscing about her life before becoming a siren. Kahlen remembers being back on a boat with her mother, father and brothers and when they heard intoxicating music that leads them to the deck. As they go up the stairs to the deck, she knows something is wrong: men are jumping overboard, and her youngest brother is laughing at the rain like it would kill him if he didn’t have it. As she looks around, she suddenly sees her parents’ hand-in-hand against the railing as they casually tipping themselves overboard. The song captures Kahlen’s ears and all her worries fade away with now only desiring to be immersed in the water. Intoxicated by beautiful music, she was barely aware as she slid into the water.

As she sinks deeper into the water, a voice asks what she would do to stay alive. Kahlen would do anything. Then three human-like girls are suddenly staring at her. Who are these girls? Are they angels? No, they are singers—Sirens—servants of the Ocean, feeding the Ocean with innocent lives. Kahlen is alive as a siren, and is now in-service to the Ocean for 100 years and must do whatever the Ocean demands.

80 years into service, Kalen meets Akinli. Forbidden to fall in love, Kahlen cannot help her feelings as they grow for Akinli. Even though she cannot talk to him, as her voice would compel him to drown himself, she finds a way to communicate with him. Torn between her feelings and her duty to the Ocean, Kahlen struggle to put her feelings for him aside with no avail. As she is leaving Akinli, he tells her that he loves her and she starts to say it back, when he suddenly starts to walk towards the water. Kahlen’s cries to stop him only compel him further into the water. Kahlen agrees to another 50 years of service to the Ocean, if only she’ll not kill him. Although their souls are intertwined, Kahlen leaves Akinli behind. Kahlen’s broken heart makes her seriously ill, and her siren sisters worry.

One day, one of her sisters discovers that Akinli is dying, too. Because Akinli has heard Kahlen’s voice, they are connected and he will continue to slowly fade away. Kahlen’s sisters plead with the Ocean to release her and let her live out her live as an ordinary human. The Ocean agrees, and Kahlen is released on the beach by Akinli’s home.

I would recommend this book for anyone looking for an exciting fantasy romance that brings to life Hans Christian Anderson’s “The Little Mermaid”. This fast-paced and inspiring book shows how even under the most difficult circumstances joy and happiness can be found. Want to read this book? Find it here

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