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Ancestry Library Edition: What does your past hold?

Ancestry Library Edition: What does your past hold?

Posted by Ashley on May 28, 2019

Ancestry Library is a database run by that Libraries subscribe to. This service is available only within the library. Bring your own device and search for hours and hours or use one of our library computers instead. Very similar to, Ancestry Library allows you to start your search by typing in the first and last name of your ancestor and click search. 

Some of the things you might be able to find on Ancestry Library are birth, marriage, and death records as well as census returns. These are called vital statistics. The exciting thing about Ancestry Library is that you might find someone who is already working on a family tree that you connect to, or you might even find pictures of your ancestors that someone else has posted. 

This is an amazing resource to find out about the history of your family. Something to keep in mind when searching on Ancestry Library is that each province has different laws for the protection of privacy, which means that the vital statistics information is different for each jurisdiction. In many cases, the dates are tied into each province's date of entry into confederation. For Ontario, marriages — 1801-1928, 1933-1934, deaths — 1869-1938, 1943 — 1944, (1939-1945-overseas), and births — 1858-1913. Each year another year is added to the records.

Want to know more about your past? Ancestry Library is an excellent resource to trace your roots! Access Ancestry Library through our Virtual Library!

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