Conditions of Use - Meeting Rooms

  1. Community use will be permitted provided it is not for a private party.
  2. Maximum accommodation, as per fire code regulations, is 125 persons for the multi-purpose (gallery) room and 20 persons for the board room.
  3. Room set-up and take-down is the responsibility of the renter.
  4. Continuous use of the room shall not exceed six months at which time application to renew the booking agreement will be reviewed by the Board. Payment must be made at the time the application is filled out or, in the case of long term rentals, on the first of each month.
  5. The key to the Library must be picked up by the applicant 1 day prior to the event.  The key should be returned to the Library after the event is completed, or in the event that the Library is closed, must be deposited in the book drop after first checking that all doors and windows are secured.  The applicant must sign a form accepting responsibility for the key.
  6. Applicants using the library after hours will be given a copy of the Fire SAFETY PLAN FOR AFTER HOURS USE and must sign the after hours renter sign off form.
  7. Organizations conducting meetings will be held responsible for any damages to Library property or equipment and will be charged for the same. The room must be left in the same condition as it was found.  All garbage should be placed in the receptacles provided.  If a cleaner needs to be hired to clean up after a function, a bill will be submitted to the renter.
  8. The organization applying to use the meeting room agrees to indemnify the Blue Mountains Public Library against any and all claims of every nature and kind, the costs of which may arise out of or by reason of the granting of its application. The Library Board is not responsible for theft, damage or loss of property belonging to the group or anyone attending a meeting.
  9. Smoking is prohibited in the Library. Wine and beer may be permitted. The renter is responsible for procuring a Liquor License for the event from the L.C.B.O. The renter should be aware that this process can take several weeks.
  10. All promotional material must indicate that this is not a Library-sponsored event and must include contact information for the renter.
  11. A Library Staff or Board Member may attend any event, meeting or course held in the meeting rooms, free of charge, for the purpose of reviewing the group’s compliance with Library Board policy.
  12. The rental of a room does not imply that the renter is also renting storage space. Renters should seek other arrangements in which to store their supplies.
  13. Requests for library equipment and support must be made in advance of the date of the booking.
  14. The applicant may cancel a reservation with written notification at least 2 weeks in advance of the event. Notice of less than 2 weeks will result in the forfeiture of all rental fees.
  15. All events must concluded by 11:00 p.m.