Progress Report

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We have been busy. 

Below are the activities to date. For information on our ongoing activities, check out our event calendar on the main Community Consultation Page. We will continue to add online surveys throughout the summer and post completed tasks below.

The fourth micro-user survey was released today on the BMPL website. This short survey focuses on how you are using our website and what you would like to see on it. In 2022, the BMPL will be upgrading our website and this information will inform us in our RFP and planning and how we can better use our website for promotion and information sharing within the 2022-2026 Strategic Plan. 

If you have not yet answered the fourth survey, or any of the previous surveys, they are all open and can be found on our Community Consultation-Surveys page.

The third micro-user survey was released today on the Library Board and our Governance Process. This short survey focuses on how the Board communicates with our community, how you are receiving information about the governance process, and what areas you believe the Board should focus on in the 2022-2026 Strategic Plan. 

If you have not yet answered the 3rd survey, or any of the previous surveys. They are all open and can be found on our Community Consultation-Surveys page.

The Strategic Plan Process Report was approved at the May 20, 2021 Board Meeting including research model, timelines, and Phases of the Strategic Plan Development. At this meeting the Board also established a working group of Laurey Gilies (Vice Chair), the CEO and the Manager of Community Outreach, tasked with the planning process for achieving community consultation and responsibility to complete the Strategic Plan Study and report back to the Board with a responsive list of Goals and Objectives which can meet the expectations of a 21st century GLAM.

A micro-user survey on the use of the Community Hub facilities during the pandemic, including Virtual Access was released on the Community Consultation-Surveys page. This is the second survey launched, and additional micro-user surveys will continue to be released through the Phase I and much of Phase II of the Strategic Planning Process.

The first micro-user survey was released today. This survey asks questions on BMPL as Community Hub, and how the facilities are used. While you may answer on how this is currently occurring, the focus is on typical use in order for us to look forward to the new normal of post-pandemic which will be part of our Strategic Planning process. 

A series of short 4-5 questions surveys referred to Micro-User Surveys launched tomorrow on the Community Consultation-Surveys page. Every 2 weeks throughout the Strategic Planning Process, a new short survey of a different topic will be released. While these will each be promoted for 2 weeks, they will remain open on the page until the Board closes the consultation. Spread the word and help us by sharing your opinions on how you are using the GLAM, what you would like us to do differently, and what we are doing well and should not change. These responses will inform our more detailed focus groups and the final Strategic Plan 2022-2026.

The Board held a Special Meeting on April 15, 2021 to discuss the planning process. A lengthy discussion occurred including groups to be involved in our community consultation and how best to receive community participation, both of the regular users and those who are not regular GLAM users. Dr. Sabrina Saunders and Vice Chair Laurey Gillies agreed to bring a report back to the Board summarizing what had been completed in the 2018-2022 Strategic Plan successfully, how the process could be improved for the next Strategic Plan Study, as well as a proposed process of how to proceed.

The Board began discussions about the 2022-2026 Strategic Plan at the Board Meeting. A Special Meeting of the Board will be held on April 15th at 2pm. Information on the process for completion the community consultation and the research stages of the planning process will be published on these Community Consultation pages once they are approved.