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Welcome to the Craigleith Heritage Depot. We are a museum, a branch of the Blue Mountains Public Library, an archive, and a tourism information centre: a true community hub!

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Please note: Library, museum and archival services are available. In-house museum exhibits, public computer use and research room are available by appointment. Bookings can be made by phone, email, or book online here. You are invited to engage with our online exhibits and research resources as well. Outdoor Wi-Fi access, library holds pickups, and the Craigleith Heritage Depot bookdrop are still available for use. 

View photo updates on the remediation project.

This Frequently Asked Question page has been added to assist in transparency pertaining to our temporary closure and current service model. As new questions are posed, or updated responses become available, we will provide updates to this document. For photo updates, view here

When will the museum be open again?

UPDATED 8-26-20 As a result of COVID-19 we anticipate the CHD reopening to be in the fall. Since June that our CHD staff have been working regularly at the facility to begin to put things back together. Prior to the Town facilities shutdown in March, the radon remediation did occur and by May all tests are now clear.

What is the cost of the remediation?

UPDATED 8-26-20 The Craigleith Heritage Depot and TBM staff are working together to research the remediation needs. While there was initial concern that this could be tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars, through research and taking all remediation slowly and in a deliberate manner, the bulk of the work has been done, including testing for a very minimal amount. 

What was the effect of air quality in museum for the public?

Areas of the building with elevated results for mould and/or radon were restricted to non-public spaces. 

I am concerned I may have radon in my home.  How do I get more information?

The Grey Bruce Public Health Unit has a number of resources relating to radon.

What Museum services are available?

Research services and museum inquiries can be made online, by email or in person at LE Shore Library where museum staff are working.  On-line exhibits and research resources at and exterior static exhibit panels are available 24 hours a day.  

How do I donate to the museum when it is closed?

UPDATED 8-26-20 Contact the museum curator at or 519-599-3681 and provide the details of your donation. Cash donations can always be taken via phone or mail as well. Staff can make arrangements to meet with donors at CHD, providing all parties are wearing PPE including masks.

Where can I get tourism resources?

UPDATED 5-21-20 Ambassador Tourism centres are the Town of The Blue Mountains Town Hall, Royal Harbour Resort and Scandinave Spa. L.E. Shore also has a display with number of fliers and brochures provided by local companies and groups. The Explore Blue is a great place to get updated information while many sites have altered hours and operations due to the pandemic.

Can I still drop my books off to the museum?

UPDATED 8-26-20 Yes., books can be dropped off to the CHD dropbox, do not bring them into the building. 

Can I still use WIFI at the museum? 

All Wi-Fi services are continuing as normal. You may access Wi-Fi on the grounds or from your car in the parking lot.  Standard login is required.

What can I do to help?

UPDATED 2-27-20 The staff of both the museum and the Town have been working on testing, remediation, and budget planning since our temporary closure on October 24, 2019.  As well as the Blue Mountains Public Library Board, Museum Advisory Council and Town of the Blue Mountains Council all have expressed their belief that the Craigleith Heritage Depot must be opened as quickly, but as safely as possible. While it may feel like this is taking a long time, all parties are working together to remediate the situation and reopen with as minimal impact to the community.  We will open in the fall with COVID-19 protocols in place.

What has happened to date in remediation?

UPDATED 8-26-20 The facility is now deemed radon free. Air quality testing has occurred and a system has been installed at CHD to provide ongoing real time air quality monitoring in which TBM and CHD staff have access. Additional work still needs to occur such as moving items back into the basement storage and reorganizing the collection for better air flow. This work will occur over Summer 2020 with a fall reopening.

UPDATED 8-26-20 Throughout February the CHD staff emptied areas of the building to prepare for the radon remediation. All library materials were brought back to LE Shore for use and/or storage. On February 26th Mr. Radon completed the radon remediation installation.Testing to come back with a successful remediation of radon.  

What are our next steps?

UPDATED 6-22-20 Concurrently The Craigleith Heritage Depot and TBM staff continue to work on best practices, air quality monitoring, and equipment for proper storage of the CHD collections in a safe way. Some small changes are still being addressed with our HVAC, but it does not appear that a new system will be required, based on the success of the initial remediation efforts. For a visual update, visit the remediation progress photo gallery.

If you have additional questions, please email Dr. Sabrina Saunders, CEO at or Andrea Wilson, Curator at