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Are you looking for something fun for the kids to do after school? Look no further! BMPL is proud to announce THE KIDS CLUBHOUSE, a fun and exciting program geared just for kids. The Clubhouse, will take the place of our After School Club in 2020, and will provide children with activities, crafts, puzzles, books, and movies that they can enjoy at home.

Each week we will prepare a creative and engaging activity pack that can be picked up from our Holds Counter. Activity packs will be created for the following age groups:

Gr 1-3

Gr 4-6

Every activity kit will include a weekly craft materials list, and at your own pace, the craft can be completed as we guide you through the craft from a link on the BMPL YouTube channel. 

 Session 1 runs Sept 15th - Dec 15th.


This week's theme, everyone  will love! We are celebrating Christmas! You will have a fun activity book, with coloring sheets, word searches, crosswords, and more! You will have a fun book to read, movie to watch, a puzzle and board game to take home and enjoy. Remember, every Tuesday at 4:30 pm tune in to our Blue Mountains Public Library YouTube page and follow along with Jen for a  fun craft. For this week's craft we will be making a Christmas Tree Ornament.

For the ChRiStMaS Tree Ornament.Craft, we will provide just about everything you need to make this cute craft at home. Miss the video? That's ok! You can find the instructions in your weekly Clubhouse Activity Booklet. Happy Crafting!


4 Popsicle sticks


Coloured pom poms


What You Need From Home:




1. Colour or paint the popsicle sticks.

2. Glue the popsicle sticks together in a triangle shape.

3.Wrap yarn around the popsicle sticks. Weaving yarn around the popsicle sticks

4. Glue Pom Poms

5. Glue star, base and the ornament hangar