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A Key Messages Update is published monthly and includes items from the Board, Museum Advisory Council (MAC), and the administration. These topics include the highlights and successes of the month, as well as the Board’s perspective on matters of importance. Key Messages for the month are presented under each of the four Strategic Plan Goals. Subscribe to our Key Messages.

Key Messages of the Month-November 2019

Posted by Sabrina on November 27, 2019

Vibrant Spaces & Capital Campaign Committee

  • 25th Anniversary: The 25th Anniversary Celebrations will include three fundraiser events. Please Save the Date!

-Save the Date — Saturday February 29, 2020. The Museum Advisory Council will be holding a dance on Saturday, February 29, 2020 featuring the Bored of Ed at the BVCC.

-Save the Date — Thursday, July 9, 2020. The Museum Advisory Council will be holding a Golf Tournament on Thursday, July 9, 2020 at Cranberry Golf Club. This is a fundraiser for the Craigleith Heritage Depot collections.

-Save the Date — Saturday, December 5, 2020. The 25th anniversary year will culminate with a gala on Saturday December 5, 2020 at the Westin Hotel in Blue Mountain Village.

  • Board Training: The Board participated in a day-long training on capital campaigns and fundraising. The Board further discussed this event and training at the Board Meeting and have directed the VS-CC to begin plans for a Capital Campaign.
  • Facility Retrofit for AODA: Part of the Board 2020 proposed budget is a renovation capital sheet in the amount of $307,000. This sheet was prompted by the request by Council to identity needs for LE Shore to meet AODA and to be productive, safe and healthy. It is anticipated that no expansion will occur in the coming years while the TBM is conducting their studies on Facilities Needs and Recreation Needs.

Organizational Capacity, By-Laws & Governance

  • Board Annual Evaluation: The Board completed a self-evaluation based on the Dalhousie University College of Continuing Education questionnaire for non-profit organizations. The questionnaire was completed by the Board members and was discussed at the Board Meeting. Key conclusions were:  the Board has done a good job overall, but needs to improve stakeholder communication, which will be included in the Action Plan 2020. Communication between the Board and CEO is excellent and is pleased with the performance of the CEO; and the Board supports the Chair’s leadership.
  • New Executive: Our Board and the Museum Advisory Council each elect new executive at the last meeting of the year. The Library Board is happy to announce that Maurice Pepper has been re-elected Chair and Laurey Gillies Vice Chair of the Board for 2020. The MAC elected Christine Clark Chair for 2020. Many thanks to Robert B. Waind for his many many years leading MAC as Chair.
  • Proposed Budget Passed: The Board passed the proposed budget for release to TBM for inclusion in the 2020 draft budget. Like TBM departments, we were asked to provide a zero-based budged and to look for any reductions without impacting service levels. The budget present is tentatively scheduled for Monday, February 3rd.

Communication and Strategic Planning

  • Joint C-SP Meeting with MAC: On November 8th the MAC and C-SP met to look forward to 2020 planning and how we can continue to grow together as a GLAM. The discussions included planning for the 2020 Action Plan and specifically focused on the 25th anniversary year, fundraising, and communication needs. This was a very productive meeting and will be repeated several times a year.
  • December 9th CoW Deputation: BMPL will be making a presentation to CoW on the various successes and comparisons between libraries in Ontario. The rankings of public Libraries will also be shared, of which BMPL ranked in the top 3 on nearly all areas, including #1 for program attendance.
  • Committee Chair appointed: The C-SP Cmt appointed Odeen Probert as the 2020 committee chair. Many thanks to Laurey Gillies who led this committee in its first year of the Board cycle.

Service Excellence & Administration

  • Craigleith Heritage Depot Temporary Closure: The CHD has been temporarily closed due to environmental and air quality concerns. Following an illness report by a staff member air quality testing was completed. Shortly thereafter the Depot was temporarily closed due to evidence of both mould and radon. The CEO and Town staff are working on a remediation plan and will have the building and services open as soon as is possible. In the meantime, all museum staff and CHD programs have been moved to LES. The Wi-Fi and book drop are still available in Craigleith, for those who find this more convenient. 
  • Teen Advisory Group: A TAG was established by BMPL and currently includes 8 youth members. TAG will be meeting again on December 17th to have a Christmas get together where they will be decorating Christmas Cookies and participating in a game night. New members are welcome.

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