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A Key Messages Update is published monthly and includes items from the Board, Museum Advisory Council (MAC), and the administration. These topics include the highlights and successes of the month, as well as the Board’s perspective on matters of importance. Key Messages for the month are presented under each of the four Strategic Plan Goals. Subscribe to our Key Messages.

Key Messages of the Month-October 2019

Posted by Sabrina on October 25, 2019

Vibrant Spaces & Capital Campaigns

  • Work has begun on a series of events throughout 2020 to celebrate the Library’s 25th anniversary. Three events in particular are fundraisers in support of various projects being undertaken by our GLAM. Tickets will be available in 2020 but in the meantime, we ask that you please save these dates:

-Save the Date — Saturday, December 5, 2020. The 25th anniversary year will culminate with a gala on Saturday December 5, 2020 at the Westin Hotel in Blue Mountain Village.

-Save the Date — Thursday, July 9, 2020. The Museum Advisory Council will be holding a Golf Tournament on Thursday, July 9, 2020 at Cranberry Golf Club. This is a fundraiser for the Craigleith Heritage Depot collections.

-Save the Date — Saturday February 29, 2020. The Museum Advisory Council will be holding a dance on Saturday, February 29, 2020 featuring the Bored of Ed at the BVCC.

  • Since fundraising is a new endeavour for the Board, a training session has been scheduled for November 6, 2019. Members of MAC and ACC will also be in attendance.
  • Committee appointments are reviewed annually. Vibrant Spaces & Capital Campaign Committee membership is now Jesse T Glass, Maurice Pepper, Joanne Vivona, and Gary Zalot.

Organizational Capacity, By-Laws & Governance

  • The Board has approved a self-evaluation process and questionnaire based on the Dalhousie University College of Continuing Education tool for improving practices in non-profit organizations. The questionnaire will be completed by board members anonymously and submitted online for review at the November board meeting in closed session. The purpose of discussion is to improve board performance and identify any training needs. A summary of the report and discussion will be presented in open session.
  • The Board also revised and approved its Code of Ethics and Agreement to Comply with the Code.

  • Committee appointments are reviewed annually. Organizational Capacity, By-Laws & Governance membership is now Laurey Gillies, Jesse T Glass, and Maurice Pepper.

Communication & Strategic Planning Committee

  • The Board’s Advocacy Plan was approved at an earlier meeting and the Committee is working towards implementation. A deputation request has been made for upcoming Committee of the Whole meetings to present ROI and Social Value study findings as well as comparative statistics re peer libraries.
  • Committee appointments are reviewed annually. Communications & Strategic Planning Committee membership is now Dorothy Cammaert, Laurey Gillies, and Odeen Probert.

Service Excellence & Administration

  • Craigleith Heritage Depot (CHD) received The Ontario Museum Association (OMA) Award of Excellence in Special Projects for their REEL History film series, recognizing the CHD as a leader in enriching people’s lives and helping build vibrant and engaged communities.  This film series focuses on local history through documentary film and Virtual Reality experiences.  These resources improved access to our local heritage through the use of new technology.  Expanded interest in our historical stories have helped grow our audiences locally and around the world.
  • CHD was also shortlisted this month for the Minister’s Award for Innovation for their use of Virtual Reality films in the REEL History series to connect people to places and experiences they may not otherwise have access to. Dive the Mary Ward Shipwreck without getting your feet wet! Or Walk the Pathway to the Village of the Souls with Elder Strong White Buffalo Woman! Congrats to the CHD team for their ongoing success with this series.    
  • Staff have begun planning for a Teen Advisory Group to begin in Winter 2020 and a Tween Leadership Camp which will become the Tween Advisory Group in Fall 2020. This program flows out of the recommendations of the PlayWorks Teen Friendly Designation and will be an opportunity for our teens to provide feedback on services and programs, to assist in planning and implementation of programs, and to have a platform to discuss overall needs and desires within their community.

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