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A Key Messages Update is published monthly and includes items from the Board, Museum Advisory Council (MAC), and the administration. These topics include the highlights and successes of the month, as well as the Board’s perspective on matters of importance. Key Messages for the month are presented under each of the four Strategic Plan Goals. Subscribe to our Key Messages.

Key Messages of the Month-November 2021

Key Messages of the Month-November 2021

Posted by Sabrina on November 27, 2021

Communication & Strategic Planning

  • Post-It Note Activity Now Open: The Post-It Note Activity closed on Friday, November 26th. The 12 questions were answered by more than 483 participants. While the total number of comments are still being tallied, there were more than 1,200 comments on November 15. [C4.3]
  • Focus Groups Wrapping Up: The last of the public Focus Groups wrap up this month. Some additional invitations will be made to groups and organizations for December and January who wish to have meeting with members, executive or their E.D. [C4.3]
  • Micro-Surveys: We are entering the last month the Micro-Surveys will remain open. More than 300 surveys have been completed and we hope to surpass 400 by the end of the year. Prizes are still being drawn weekly. [OC2.2; C4.3]
  • Phase I-Community Conversation Report: This report was received by the Board and is now available on the Community Consultation webpage. More data will be released in December as the Working Group begin to compile the data.

Organizational Capacity

  • Election of Annual Chair and Vice Chair: Laurey Gillies and Maurice Pepper were elected by the Board as Chair and Vice Chair for the remainder of the Board term. Many thanks to Maurice Pepper who has sat as the Board Chair for the first three years of the Board.
  • Board Evaluation: The Board completed its annual evaluation. Both the Chair and the CEO had 100% positive evaluation with the members agreeing or strongly agreeing with the successful interaction of these two positions. From the 2020 year, the Board evaluation demonstrated growth in successful involvement and interaction by the Board. The Board acknowledges the need to continue to build opportunities to work with key stakeholders.
  • CEO Evaluation: The Annual Evaluation of the CEO was completed at the November Board Meeting. The Board commends Dr. Saunders on her outstanding leadership in 2021. [OC3.2]
  • Charitable Status: The Board has will be seeking charitable status as a public library in order to qualify BMPL for wider range of grants.
  • Revised Election Policy. In preparation for the 2022 Municipal elections, the Board reviewed and revised the POL-SYS.2018.50 The Library and Political Elections. This was based on the existing BMPL policy and revised Council policy of the same topic.
  • Staff Satisfaction Survey: The Staff Satisfaction Survey was completed as part of the CEO Evaluation and the Strategic Planning Study. A total of 9 questions were asked of staff. This included relationships with the CEO, managers, and co-workers. Staff rated their relationship with the CEO at 96%; with senior managers at 92%; and with other colleagues at 85%. A total 85% of staff stated they were satisfied with their job, but only 36% Staff stated they saw themselves remaining in their positions for 5 years or longer. This was primarily due to wages, availability to full-time or due to being a paid intern with a one year or less contract. The salary results were improved since 2018 with 92% being happy with the way the 2021 Salary Study was handled. [C4.3; OC3; OC3.2]
  • Budget 2022: Earlier in 2021 the Board and Council passed a Funding Agreement which would set funding for the Board. A clause was included in that budget knowing that the TBM Compensation Study for staff was still in progress and this would require a one-time increase in order to meet the TBM new grid. Once the TBM Compensation Study is approved and Council sets the new grid with one-time approved contribution, the Board will pass the budget. This is expected early in 2022. [OC2.2]
  • New Board Member: At the November 29th Committee of the Whole meeting, Council will be replacing Deputy Mayor Rob Potter’s committee seats. The Board anticipates this position will be filled for the January Board Meeting 2022.

Service Excellence & Administration

  • Congratulations to CHD on another REEL History Series Award! The REEL History film program has been honoured with the Dorothy Duncan Public History Award, which recognizes an outstanding public history project delivered in Ontario.  In addition, the series was one of the three finalists in the Governor General’s History Award for Excellence in Community Programming for the REEL History program.  Top three in Canada is an excellent accomplishment.  [SE1, SE3.2, SE3.9, SE4.2]
  • BMPL at Regular Capacity: In the past two weeks the services of BMPL have been accessed at levels of pre-pandemic and beyond. The busy levels mean our community must be ever more vigilant to keep 2m between themselves and other patrons. Together we can keep our community safe while still having open access to all services. [SE]

Vibrant Spaces

  • Expand Computer Stations for Youth Services: New computer stations have been set up for the youth in our Children’s Section. Currently there are two workstations due to physical distancing needs, but eventually this will be increased to 4 stations. [VS2.4]
  • Expand Onsite Digital Lab Computer Access: The Creator Space digital lab has been moved out to the main library. These two computers have a suite of video and audio editing software, as well as animation tools. Drop in or book a time to access this newly located service. [VS2.3]

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