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A Key Messages Update is published monthly and includes items from the Board, Museum Advisory Council (MAC), and the administration. These topics include the highlights and successes of the month, as well as the Board’s perspective on matters of importance. Key Messages for the month are presented under each of the four Strategic Plan Goals. Subscribe to our Key Messages.

Key Messages of the Month-October 2021

Posted by Sabrina on October 21, 2021

A Key Messages Update will be published monthly and include items from each of the committees and the administration. These topics include the highlights and successes of the month, as well as the Board’s perspective on matters of importance. Key Messages for the month are presented by each of the four Strategic Plan Goals.

Communication & Strategic Planning

  • Virtual Town Hall: The Virtual Town Hall occurred on September 22 in The Gallery at L.E. Shore.  Eleven participants were present. The PowerPoint for this program is available in the Progress Report page of the Community Consultation pages. [C4.3]
  • Strategic Plan Phase II Now Open: The Strategic Planning Working Group has completed Phase I of the Strategic Plan and has now into begun Phase II’s Focus Groups. Registration is open for these opportunities to share your voice throughout October and November. [C4.3]
  • Micro-Surveys: While Phase I is complete, the twelve micro-surveys will remain open through the end of 2021. Weekly draws have are made for local gift certificates, so complete your surveys today! 285 responses have been received and we hope to push 400 by the end of the year. [OC2.2; C4.3]
  • Board Print Newsletter Delivered in The Review: The Board used their annual print newsletter to provide a summary of Phase I and what plans there are for completing the Strategic Plan. This was included as a pull-out in the print copy of The Review earlier this month. If you did not receive a copy, print versions are available at both branches and an electronic version is available in the Progress Report of our Community Consultation pages.  [C1.5, C4.3]

Organizational Capacity

  • Budget 2022: The Board Budget approval has been delayed to at least the November meeting as the TBM Compensation Review must first be completed and approved by Council prior to the BMPL Budget being completed. [OC2.2]

Service Excellence & Administration

  • Apple Harvest REEL History Film: More than 1,700 viewers watched the newest REEL History film in the first weekend. The combined numbers of the launch and the YouTube views are now over 3,200. This film was funded by the Town of the Blue Mountains as a way to support the Apple Festival. This film we will built into the festival and promotion in future years as well. [SE1, SE3.2, SE3.9, SE4.2]

Vibrant Spaces & Capital Campaigns

  • New Spaces at L.E. Shore: Following Phase I consultation with the community and the Staff consultation in July, August, and September, two spaces that were part of an expansion plan have been carved out of the L.E. Shore. While it is not the same as a designated room, our Teens have a new space at the far side of the building where we hope they will want to gather. We hope to hear from our teens so we may add the other features they would like to see such as gaming, seating, etc. Additionally, new PCs have been set up in the children’s section so they may game in their collection spaces. [VS1.2; VS2.3; VS2.4; SE2.3]

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