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A Key Messages Update is published monthly and includes items from the Board, Museum Advisory Council (MAC), and the administration. These topics include the highlights and successes of the month, as well as the Board’s perspective on matters of importance. Key Messages for the month are presented under each of the four Strategic Plan Goals. Subscribe to our Key Messages.

Key Messages of the Month-November 2020

Key Messages of the Month-November 2020

Posted by Sabrina on November 23, 2020

Vibrant Spaces & Capital Campaigns

  • Craigleith Heritage Depot Now Open for Museums Services: CHD opened for Library Services at the end of August and for Museum visits in September. Museum visits will be during the Fall Pandemic Hours on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. Appointments will be taken to guarantee access and drop ins are welcome. While the building will look the same, much has been done through the remediation process to make the building a healthy workplace and visitor centre. Both LES and CHD reopening plans have been vetted by the GBHU. [SE3.2, SE3.4]

Organizational Capacity, By-Laws & Governance

  • Election of 2021 Board Chair and Vice Chair: The Board elected Maurice Pepper Chair and Laurey Gillies Vice Chair for the 3rd year of the Board.

  • 2021 Board Standing Committees: The Board opted to not appoint any standing committee members at this time, and instead handle all Board Business in Regular and Special Board Meetings. The Board may revisit this decision at any Regular Board Meeting. Ad Hoc Committees may still be appointed as needed.

  • Action Plan 2021: The Board passed the Action Plan 2021 t the November meeting. This document is now available on the BMPL Policies and Plans page of the website.

  • Budget review: The Board reviewed the Q3 financials. Expenses reflect a number of shifts to address COVID requirements such as PPE as well as an effort to reduce discretionary spending to assist the Town in its larger COVID response. BMPL also made good use of federal grants this year to hire seven temporary staff for a variety of projects. 

  • Board Evaluation: The Board conducted its annual evaluation and developed priorities for inclusion in the Action Plan 2021.

  • BMPL Facilities and Mask Provincial Order: As we complete the first quarter since we reopened, the major issue to date has been the growing incidents of people who, for Non-Medical reasons, are refusing to wear masks in the building. BMPL will follow the provincial mask order to refuse access to anyone not wearing a mask, except those who have medical exemptions. BMPL CEO and staff will provide input on the Town’s By-Law considerations, which will expand the provincial onus from the business owner/CEO/Board only to the patron.  [OC3.6]

Communication & Strategic Planning

  • Virtual Town Hall: The second Virtual Town Hall of 2020 occurred on Monday, September 28th at 7pm. 158 views on Facebook and another 13 views on YouTube. This Town Hall is archived on the BMPL YouTube Channel.

Service Excellence & Administration

  • Halloween Drive Through: To support our community and provide a Halloween event for families, BMPL developed a drive through trick or treat. Households and organizations contributed with over 10,000 pieces of candy. Sixty-two cars came through with nearly 300 participants. [SE2.1].

  • Our Military Heritage: Following the launch of the Our Military Heritage digital collection, we have continued to receive more information and images from the public. This living collection will be growing for years to come. This collection was also promoted by the Mayor in his weekly messages and at the Remembrance Day Services. [SE2.3; SE3.2].

  • Support for the Remembrance Day Services: The BMPL Staff and volunteers supported the Legion’s Remembrance Day Services by livestreaming the Clarksburg and Ravenna services on YouTube. This was then promoted on the TBM website as well. There were over 200 people who viewed the services live and an additional 118 viewed the post-production of the services. [SE2.1].
  • Decontamination of All Materials: You may have noticed when you return your items that they stay on your account for a number of days. In order to decontaminate all materials, returns are quarantined for no less than 72 hours prior to being checked-in, reshelved or processed for a hold. That protects our staff and you. We understand that book returns may not be a priority as families are still self-quarantining. So don’t worry if your items show a late fee, when we return items, we are waiving these fees during the pandemic.

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