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A Key Messages Update is published monthly and includes items from the Board, Museum Advisory Council (MAC), and the administration. These topics include the highlights and successes of the month, as well as the Board’s perspective on matters of importance. Key Messages for the month are presented under each of the four Strategic Plan Goals. Subscribe to our Key Messages.

Key Messages of the Month-May 2019

Posted by Sabrina on May 26, 2019

Key Messages Update is published monthly and include items from the Board, Museum Advisory Council (MAC), and the administration. These topics include the highlights and successes of the month, as well as the Board’s perspective on matters of importance. Key Messages for the month are presented under each of the four Strategic Plan Goals.  


Vibrant Spaces & Capital Campaigns

  • The first meeting with TBM’s Senior Management Team (SMT) occurred on May 21.  A subcommittee has been appointed to move with the priority project of LES Expansion and Renovation.  This will be presented to Council in the 2020 budget, as directed within the Budget resolutions of April 24, 2019.   We look forward to moving forward with expansion discussions for LES and determining what hubs the Town will be considering for the East End of TBM.
  • Bill 108, which received first reading on May 2nd, takes another major blow against public libraries as it proposes to alter the way development charges may be spent on public libraries, as well as changes the holding, in reserve, of funds for planned building projects.  While we believe BMPL and TBM are exempt from the immediate issues, having passed the TBM By-Laws on April 24, it has a potential long-term impact on achieving the nearly twenty-year plan to expand L.E. Shore and much needed services in the east end of Town.  The comment period for this bill is ongoing and community is encouraged to become aware and make comments.

Organizational Capacity, By-Laws & Governance

  • The BMPL Board welcomed two new members appointed by Council on May 10th: Dorothy Cammaert and Gary Zalot. 
  • The Board participated in the Regional Governance training provided by the Southern Ontario Library Service (SOLS) with 9 other libraries boards.
  • The Board reviews its policies on a four-year schedule and completed work on Health and Safety, Accessible Customer Service and Systems policies as well as the By-Laws this month. 
  • The Board’s full day Committee of the Whole planning meeting occurred on May 23rd. The agenda began with a visual overview of what constitutes a 21st century GLAM, and continued with discussion of next steps on the building program. The Board’s Action Plan 2019 was discussed and a gap analysis on future Board training needs was conducted to ensure that the Board has the necessary capacity to realize its plans. The day ended with the Board convening the special meeting to formalize its plan through resolutions.
  • The Board approved Action Plan 2019 which is a one-year plan towards achievement of the four-year Strategic Plan 2018-2022.  This Action Plan includes 85 achievable outcomes to be completed prior to December 2019 by the Board, 3 Board standing committees, the Museum Advisory Council, the Arts & Culture Council, and CEO with her staff.

Communication & Strategic Planning Committee

  • As a result of provincial budget cut to the Ontario Library Services (SOLS and OLS-N) the Inter Library Loan Ontario (ILLO) is suspended through June 1.  The OLSs and MTCS settled on reestablishment of the ILLO program, but it is not funded.  Therefore, press releases by the Ministry and Ministers stating it is back are incorrect. At this time, all BMPL ILLO requests remain suspended, as are the BMPL Book Clubs requests, which depend on ILLO.  A petition has been presented in parliament and copies are available at both LES and CHD.  The difference in cost for ILLO materials will be absorbed by BMPL and this was not in our 2019 budget. 
  • An Information Session and Community Consultation session will occur on Thursday, June 13th at 6:00pm.  We will present an update of the ILLO program and seek feedback from the community on how and if we reinstate this program, given that there is no further financial support provincially to BMPL and other libraries.  Each library across the province will be making decisions based on their community’s need and budget.  This session will assist us in achieving the balance required for this decision.
  • The new BMPL website was launched on May 1.  This site has been reorganized as a GLAM (gallery, library, archive, & museum).  The Governance Bodies can be found by looking under About Us or via the Footer.  New to the page is the Board’s Key Message Blog.   
  • The Key Message Updates, now in its third month, is available as a blog.  Community may subscribe to this monthly blog and receive a direct email of the key business of the month.  The e-newsletter Library News and other library blogs (Staff Picks, In the Gallery, Kids Zone) may each be subscribed to from the same link.

Service Excellence & Administration

  • BMPL apologizes to our community for the loss of key services as a direct result of the provincial budget cuts.  We ask you to join us in requesting the government re-fund SOLS and OLS-N by signing the petition available at LES and CHD.  We also request the community participate in our consultation process on June 13th when we offer an Information Session and Consultation on the future of ILLO at BMPL.
  • CHD launched the two newest Reel History films, Pathway and Mary Ward.  Both are virtual reality (VR) films and available at both locations.  Personal use VR head sets are available at each location for sale for $15.  The may be used with a smart phone to experience the VR films as well.

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