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A Key Messages Update is published monthly and includes items from the Board, Museum Advisory Council (MAC), and the administration. These topics include the highlights and successes of the month, as well as the Board’s perspective on matters of importance. Key Messages for the month are presented under each of the four Strategic Plan Goals. Subscribe to our Key Messages.

Key Messages of the Month-May 2020

Posted by Sabrina on May 23, 2020

Vibrant Spaces & Capital Campaign Committee

  • LE Shore Interior Painted: Many thanks to the TBM Maintenance staff who took the opportunity to paint the interior of LE Shore during the facility closure. It is great to have a fresh coat of paint on our interior.
  • Craigleith Heritage Depot Temporary Closure: CHD closed on October 24, 2019 due to air quality issues. Following the radon remediation, an air scrubber was also purchased and installed to address the mould spores. Following these two remediation methods, onsite readings are showing the radon and mould remediation was successful. Additional measures are ongoing to complete the remediation plan and staff are happy with the situation. Staff will be returning to work onsite in June and further practices will be put into place to ensure these types of issues do not occur again. The facility will remain closed through the pandemic and until such time as staff have the time to reconfigure the collections. Wi-Fi is still available at this site, but due to the COVID-19 non-essential business shut down, we have closed the dropbox to limit staff interaction with public spaces, but the box will be reopened on June 1st. A FAQ webpage has been developed and will be a primary point of communication as we work through remediation of the facility.

Organizational Capacity, By-Laws & Governance

  • Policy Review and Approval: The Board has completed the annual approval and review of policies. In April the Employment and Health & Safety policies were reviewed and approved for the next four years. This month, the Board completed the review of the System Policies-those that govern the Board, staff and community use.

Communication and Strategic Planning

  • Virtual Town Hall: The Virtual Town Hall occurred on Facebook on Friday, May 22nd. A switch to this format was required in order to continue the Action Plan objectives to meet with our community. The remaining 2 Town Halls will either be virtual or face to face, depending on the pandemic and our ability to safely gather. As of this report, 178 viewers have watched the Town Hall. If you have not seen the presentation, the video will remain available for later viewing on both the BMPL Facebook and our YouTube Channel. Thank you to those who watched live and posed questions to our presenters.
  • Year in Review: The BMPL Annual Report was released as a print insert in The Review, which was delivered to mailboxes across the Town. If you have not received your print copy you can download the document from our website.
  • Online Subscriptions: The online subscription numbers are up following our subscriber campaign. The e-newsletter, Library News, is automatically subscribed to as a part of patron registration [1,168 subscribers]. Users may unsubscribe if they choose not to receive this monthly newsletter. The other four blogs are each subscribed to by the individual, in accordance with Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) regulations. In the Gallery [340] describes coming shows and during the pandemic is focusing on arts and culture virtual opportunities and exhibits. The Key Messages is the Board communication blog released after each board meeting [65 subscribers].  Our Kids Zone is a newsletter for children and families and promotes activities, programs, and new materials available [134 subscribers]. The Staff Picks newsletter [244] includes staff and volunteer reviews and picks of materials available through BMPL in both print and electronic forms. Thank you to those who accepted the invitation from BMPL to subscribe. If you did not click on the verification link, it is not too late. Verify today or go to our website and subscribe.
  • Meet the Team: As part of our effort to provide transparency and accountability to our stakeholders, profiles and photos of Board Members, MAC, ACC, staff and volunteers have now been uploaded to a new section of the website.

Service Excellence & Administration

  • Facebook Live & Instagram Programs: The BMPL staff are busy working remotely doing the good works of our organization. Programs are being offered Monday-Saturday on Facebook and Instagram and are receiving hundreds of views each. Most of these are being archived on the BMPL YouTube Channel. All programs are promoted on our Event Calendar.
  • Virtual Services: The BMPL facilities may be closed to the public, but we continue to provide high quality services to our community virtually. Hundreds of thousands of materials are available online with a library card (compared to the 30,000 materials we have onsite). We also have museum exhibits available on our Virtual Branch in the Biblioboard site. Anyone requiring their card number can contact or call 519-599-3681 ext 2 and leave a message. If you do not have a library card, our online application on our Virtual Branch.
  • Partnership with the Blue Mountains Creator Space: BMPL have extended our partnership with the BMCS thanks to a grant by the Canadian Arts Council. This will allow this partnership to continue through 2022 and offer more equipment circulations and workshops. Starting this fall, digital lab equipment will be available at the LE Shore.
  • Supporting Local Businesses: BMPL is purchasing local gift certificates from our local businesses for our various program prizes. While our businesses usually donate these to us so we may stretch our programming budget, our Team realize it is our opportunity to support our local businesses. Please participate in our programs for your change to win. Please also consider supporting our local businesses who need us right now.

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