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Art From the Heart - Colette Dionne

Posted by Wanda on June 27, 2013

5 Things You Didn't Know About Colette Dionne

  1. Her art career began at age 12
  2. Colette says her favourite vacation spot is "Anywhere I am"
  3. Her personal motto is "Only dead fish swim with the stream"
  4. She is an art instructor in Beaver Valley, Ontario and Costa Rica
  5. Colette lost her passion in fine art painting, "I felt I had nothing to say"...

...Now Colette has lots to say and you can see it in her beautiful art quilts, art books/journals and her amazing sculptures! While Colette's recent work does focus on art quilts and art books/journals in addition to wood and stone carving, she does have a very extensive background in art; truly making her a mixed-media artist. Her art journey over the years has led her through many art forms including painting, watercolour, graphic design, theatre (sets and costumes), television production media, computer graphics, and interface design. Colette Dionne's multi-faceted exhibit can be viewed in our Gallery from July 4 to August 29.




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