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Canadian Cultural Landscapes by Jim Ogilvie

Canadian Cultural Landscapes by Jim Ogilvie

Posted by Wanda on February 25, 2014

Showing in March: a solo exhibition by Jim Ogilvie

Canadian Cultural Landscapes will be showing throughout the month of March at the L.E. Shore Memorial Library Gallery. The opening reception is Saturday, March 1 from 2-4 pm.

Nature is an intrinsic aspect of our Canadian cultural identity, and we cannot help but feel connected. It is inherently natural to look at the landscape around us through culturally constructed lenses that make what we see, appear to be what we expect to perceive.

As humans, we use landscapes of all sorts; natural, pictorial, imagined, built, even our bodies, as means to artistic, social, and political ends. Each act on us and shape us as agents in their own right.

Shaped by environment, family, social circles, and education these reflections become a perfect analogy to the mix of people, societies and cultures found across local neighbourhoods and Canada itself. It’s a constantly changing mosaic and the paintings are snapshots of various stages and subject matters.

Canadian Cultural Landscapes encourages viewers to explore these diverse ‘landscapes’ and consider how their interpretation, and others, be it real or imagined, shape their lives under an umbrella entitled ‘Canadian Cultural Landscapes’.



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