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Arts & Crafts Invitational

Arts & Crafts Invitational

Posted by Wanda on November 20, 2018

presented by the Arts and Culture Council

Join us in The Gallery at L.E. Shore on Saturday, December 1st for the opening of our special Arts and Crafts Invitational.  From handmade soap to abstract painting, ten artists and artisans will exhibit their wares.  An excellent opportunity to 'buy local'.  Show displays till January 3rd.

Interested in who is exhibiting?  Read on....

Craig Sealy was born with an interest in anything crafty!! Through exploring his love of colour and texture he started Fusion-  a business making artisanal soap, textile accessories and ‘paper card’ greeting cards. For over a decade he has been exploring the world of textiles and making functional items such as lavender sachets, oven mitts and fabric key fobs. He also creates luxurious artisanal soaps using all-natural ingredients and pure essential oils. Most recently he began experimenting with printed papers and piecing them together, similar to how you would make a quilt. The results are beautiful and unique greeting cards.

Maureen Munden's artistic explorations are about finding the mystery and magic in landscapes and giving them life on the canvas. Travels, kayaking and our own beautiful landscape are her inspiration. Maureen is a member of Studio XX painting group. She has a BFA form York University and has taught art in the Georgian Triangle for over 20 years.

Carol Hahn’s life with clay has enriched her far more than she could ever have dreamed. Pottery has taught her patience and persistence. It has brought her great joy and great sorrow; she has never lost interest in clay. Since returning to teaching the art of pot making several years ago, she is even more enthusiastic about pottery. Helping people create with clay is one of the most satisfying of endeavours. Opening a kiln load of beautiful pots can be compared to Christmas morning for a child. Carol’s students have brought her ideas, challenges, humility and most of all friendship. Who could ask for anything more? She learned pottery at her mother's knee. She studied at the University of Witwatersrand and later with John and Valerie Edwards, two Johannesburg ceramists. Carol immigrated to Canada in 1980, settling in the Beaver Valley where she continues to dabble around with clay.

Wanda Haayen was classically trained in drawing and painting at the Ontario College of Art, now OCAD.  Ever since, and despite the vagaries of life, she has fought to keep a toehold in the world of art.  Wanda Haayen works as a Library Assistant at the L. E. Shore Memorial Library and Gallery.

Hester Koopman has always enjoyed the exploration of different mediums in her art making. Each has its own way of bringing beauty into the world. Recently, her family moved from Toronto to the Grey Bruce area, where Hester rediscovered her love of watercolour. The stunning landscapes of this part of the country speak to her and seem best expressed by her through this medium.

New to painting, Joyce Carr is having fun experimenting with the multi-facets of the painter's world and its materials and mediums. Her preference appears to be expressionism, moving toward the abstracted and the abstract. Her love of texture adds depth, colour, and excitement to the layers of Joyce's life story.  Joyce is a member of the Shoreline Artists Southampton, The Marsh Street Painters of Clarksburg, and a Director of the Southampton Arts Centre.

Cheryl Sheridan is a weaver, dyer and sock cranker.  She operates The Barn Studio, in picturesque Collingwood, Ontario, which houses more than 20 looms where individuals can drop in, experience and use their imagination to create a one of a kind handwoven piece.  More recently, Cheryl is exploring the world's waste in the textile industry, and ways to re-purpose and re-use cloth instead of tossing into the landfill!

Stephen Corner has been a full-time potter since 1998. Inspired by his love of nature he uses the natural environment to spark his creativity and imagination. He makes his own glazes and uses locally sourced materials when possible.
The potential to forge a bond between a ceramic object and the person is intriguing. It pushes Stephen to keep investigating the endless possibilities of clay to create objects that can become part of one’s daily rituals. After all, when we open the cupboard, we reach for our favourite cup of the day.  Stephen’s work consists of both sculptural and functional ware.

Judy Moore - I have been making art in many mediums all my life. I spent 15 years as a ceramist and learned silversmithing during this time. I have worked in textiles doing fabric printing, felting and silk screening. Subsequently I took up painting, mostly in oils, but continued making jewellery in silver and gold. My work in jewellery is contemporary, basically classic with a view to modernism.  I have taken many courses in all mediums over the years. Since moving to Thornbury, I have concentrated on silver designs in jewellery and oil painting.

Sally Tuck has been painting watercolours from her studio in Redwing for many years. Her home and gardens are a definite stop for the Blue Mountain School of Landscape Painting every summer. Sally has displayed her work at The Gallery a number of times.

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