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Lyrical Landscapes

Lyrical Landscapes

Posted by Wanda on April 12, 2018

Works by Roisin Cadieux

Join us Saturday, May 12th from 2-4 pm for the opening reception of Lyrical Landscapes.

Roisin Cadieux's artwork is on display in the Gallery from May 4th till May 30th. 

Roisin writes, "I am a multidisciplinary artist, my primary expression through sculpture.   I think of myself as a storyteller, lover of nature, literature, music, craft, art and food.   I try to create new languages, new ways of communicating with my loves, which emerge through the  exploration of different materials, and interactions with nature. I have been a craft professional for over 30 years in my home based studio, having made and sold work across Canada, the US and the UK.   I crave big nature  and water, I try to communicate this in my work, no matter the materials".

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