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Posted by Wanda on February 15, 2018


Thursday, March 1, 2018 7:00pm - 8:00pm 
Location: L.E. Shore Gallery, 173 Bruce St. S, Thornbury

Local author and teacher, Marty Elkins, will be speaking at the L. E. Shore Memorial Library about the perils of writing history, the importance of teaching history, and the writing process.  Copies of his book, Leave Us In Peace, will be available for purchase.
Presented by the Arts Advisory Council

Marty Elkins is a schoolteacher in Thornbury, Ontario. Leave Us In Peace is his effort to explain the war, all of it, to young people.  The energy of his history lectures are poured into the novel. He is a passionate teacher of history and believes strongly in making students see how fascinating/complicated/wonderful history can be.  

Leave Us In Peace. 

Eight stories play out in a brutal and honest retelling of World War 2 from the early months to the weary end. Eight young people from across the globe are torn from their lives and thrown into a world of steel and flame. Despair, tenderness, chaos, and love are laid bare amidst a backdrop of real events and raw history.

Wally builds ships in Owen Sound while Toshiro trains at an airfield in Tokyo. Alice tries to keep her life from fraying in London while Yulia dotes on her children in Leningrad. In America, Patrick eyes war with dreams of heroism, unaware of the horrors already unfolding on the streets of Warsaw. Such was life in 1939 as the mechanisms of global statecraft were already wrenching our dear characters, and indeed the entire planet, into a clash that would set the world aflame and change the lives of every single member of the human race.

Leave Us In Peace by Marty Elkins tells the story of World War 2 from many fronts and conflicting perspectives. What happened? What was it like? What was it all about? Leave Us In Peace answers these questions with beautiful prose and breathless pace to tell a story not just of blade, bomb, and bullet, but ultimately, of humanity.

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