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Sacred Spaces – Altars by Artists

Sacred Spaces – Altars by Artists

Posted by Wanda on November 17, 2017

Carol Binns-Wood , Melanie Earle, Carolynn Bloomer, Reid Dennison, Julia White, Tanya Zaryski

L. E. Shore Memorial Gallery, 173 Bruce St. S, Thornbury ON

December 2 -28, 2017

Opening Reception: Saturday, December 2nd, 2-4 pm 

When artists manipulate materials to convey a message, they are bending and shaping the tangible world to communicate something from an intangible world. With the myriad possible approaches to the numinous in our lives, artists often interpret our relationship to life’s mysteries.

Altars are a tangible manifestation of this connection and provide a meeting place to focus and contemplate. From humble home kitchen altars to massive stone earthworks, they provide a place of transcendence and communication.

With this show, we invite artists to create altars from their personal pantheon of images. We encourage viewers to spend a little time with each altar and give it the time to resonate its personal message.”  [Grey Highlands Artists Collective]


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