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Points of View: John David Anderson and Mark Hope

Points of View: John David Anderson and Mark Hope

Posted by Wanda on October 23, 2017

Opening reception: Friday, November 3, 6-9 p.m. Show runs November 3-30, 2017

In “Points of View”, two artists with a common love of painting, impressionism and the Canadian landscape bring their individual experiences to light in a single show.

John David Anderson

I am an enthusiastic painter; I love to talk with anyone about the beauty of the ordinary and the wonder of the light story we are treated to every day of our lives.

After twenty years of teaching painting in oils and acrylics, and after completing many hundreds of canvases, the language of colour and light is clearly my focus. 

The points of view are simple enough.  What can I say about what I see using paint and canvas and the language of colour and light?   That it has an emotional appeal that makes me happy.  I look for those compositional ideas everywhere, in everything I see.

Mark Hope

I believe that art is everywhere and all one has to do is see it.   Over the last fifteen years, painting and creating have become not just important to me, but necessary for living, like breathing.  The ‘at once’ simple and yet complex act of observation is now a very intimate thing for me.  Close observation connects me forever to my subject, and is a means of self-discovery; it becomes a story and memory I cherish.  I come to know my subject through the observation of light affecting form and colour. 

 I am an oil painter, painting in the Impressionist style after the French and Canadian Impressionists.  My subject matter is an exploration of the light, contrast, form and colour that I find in life around me.  My subjects range from traditional landscapes to the less obvious subjects I find in my travels.  

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