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Participate in a show about love!

Participate in a show about love!

Posted by Wanda on November 21, 2016

The Gift of Love: a group show for the love of Valentines

In February, the L.E.Shore Memorial Gallery and the Arts Advisory Council will be holding a special exhibit: The Gift of Love:  a group show for the love of Valentines.  Artists are invited to submit fun, affordable, art and crafts available for purchase.*

Entrance fee: $10/artist, to be accompanied by a brief biography. (Maximum 3 pieces per artist)
Receiving work: Thursday January 26, 10-8
Opening reception: Saturday January 28, 2-4
Pick up date: Friday March 2, 10-5

For more information email: or call 519-599-3681

*There is a 25% commission to the library on all sales.

[bronze sculpture: 'Ex Voto' by Jim Dine, 2002]

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