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The Arts & Culture Council (ACC) have put together an exciting and diverse schedule of exhibits. Typically, show openings occur on the first Saturday of the month, but check the schedule for exact dates.

March: March Trio: Black, Kimble & Yang

Featuring the works of Michael Black, Peggy Kimble, & Raquell Yang

March 7-April 1, 2020.  Opening Reception Saturday, March 7th 2:00-4:00pm.


April: The Blue Mountains Creator Space Digital Arts Showcase 

April 4-29, 2020.  Opening Reception Saturday, April 4th 2:00-4:00pm.


May: [TBD]

Featuring the works of Joel Loblaw, Tanya Zaryski, & Marg Quarrie

May 2-June 3, 2020.  Opening Reception Saturday, May 2nd 2:00-4:00pm.


June: Places I Know - Art About Memory

Featuring the works of Shauna Earle, Carol Binns-Wood, Melanie Earle, Jennifer Hicks, Sean Keating, & Soo Joyce

June 6-July 3, 2020.  Opening Reception Saturday, June 6th 2:00-4:00pm.


Summer: 25th Anniversary Juried Show

By Submission

July 11-August 16, 2020.  Opening Reception Saturday, July 11th 2:00-4:00pm.


August: BVO Art Sale

Featuring the Arts, Pottery and Frames of the BVO Treasure Shop

August 18-September 3, 2020.  Opening Reception Thursday, August 20th 6:00-8:00pm.


September: Discovering Elements of Water

Featuring the works of Bev Morgan, Donna Campbell, Leona Kennedy. Yukselle Hassan, & Jennifer Joseph

September 5-30, 2020.  Opening Reception Saturday, September 5th 2:00-4:00pm.


October: Natured Truth

Featuring the works of the Studio XX with Janice Cummings

October 3-November 4, 2020.  Opening Reception Saturday, October 3rd 2:00-4:00pm.


November: [TBD]

Featuring the works of David Murphy, Diana Bick, & Nicole Gajraj

November 7-December 2, 2020.  Opening Reception Saturday, November 7th 2:00-4:00pm.


December: 25th Anniversary Show TBA.

December 2020 is the 25th anniversary of The Blue Mountains Public Library and The Gallery at L.E. Shore. This special anniversary show will be announced in 2020.

December 5-30, 2020.  Opening Reception Saturday, December 5th 2:00-4:00pm.

The 2021 Schedule will be announced in early fall 2020.  If you are interested in applying to be in this show, please visit our Applying to Exhibit page with details of the current Call for Artists.


  • January: Waves of Inspiration. Featuring the works of the Shoreline Artists 
  • February: Celebrating the Colours of Gold. An Open Salon Show 


  • January: Contemplation. Featuring the works of David Rawlings, Sue Davies, Pam McCowan, Duncan MacDonald, Sheila Bannerman, Norma Lee, and Barbara Hotson.

  • February: Celebrating the Colour Red.  Salon Show.

  • March: Quilts in Depth. Featuring the works of Joyce Seagram

  • April: High Arctic Light: Works from a sojourn in the high arctic.  Featuring the works of Janet Read.

  • May: Beaded Travel Tapestries. Featuring the works of Beverley Smith

  • June: The Work of our Hands. Featuring the works of the Saugeen Artists Guild

  • Summer 2019: 4th Annual Summer Invitational. Featuring the works of Sharon Barfoot, Delia Eastwood, David Fisher, Steve Irvine, Carol Ann Norris, and Barb Pearn.

  • September: Retreats: Exploring the exterior and interior landscape. Featuring the works of Lisa Hannaford and Jim Stacey.

  • October: The Colourful Brush. Featuring the works of the Marsh Street Artists

  • November: Reflections. Featuring the works of Kathi Alexander and Jane Wynne.

  • December: Wild and Wonderful. A Christmas gift show with flair, from the participants of the Wildman Studio.


  • Arts and Crafts –by invitation
  • Artistic Impressions with Diane Timperley & Maureen White
  • BVO show
  • BMFA group show
  • 3rd Annual Summer Invitational
  • The Masters Family
  • Roisin Cadieux
  • Marg Harrison 
  • Nancy De Boni
  • February Blues - A Salon Show 
  • Careless Remnants with Fiona Legg


  • Sacred Spaces featuring Carol Binns-Wood, Carolynn Bloomer, Reid Dennison, Melanie Earle, Julie Whilte, Tanya Zaryski
  • Sheila Bannerman, Dorothy Hiltz, Dave Nicholas
  • Judy Moore
  • 2nd Annual Summer Invitational
  • Jason Alexander, Adele Derkowski, Lisa Harpell, Jon Houghton, Gita Karklins, Norma Lee, Joanne Lomas, Teresa S. Morre, Trudy Perks, Angela Plesa, Maureen Shaughnessy
  • Drawings & Paintings Jose Etcherverry
  • Homecoming featuring Keita Inoue
  • A Gift of Love- A Salon Show


  • Trichromacy with Tanya Zaryski, Carol Hahn, Kate Civiero
  • Ona Alisauskas
  • Ann Ziegler
  • Pete Mather
  • 1st Annual Summer Invitational featuring Willi Wildman, Carolyn Corner, Joan Follinsbee, Joan Fraser, Stephen Corner, Kate Knox, Anne Wylie
  • Holger Majorahn
  • Judy Shield, Elizabeth Falvey, Cathie Gallatly, Mickey Cullen, Christa Spencer, Janice Harrison, Grace Peters, Cheryl Ann Smith
  • Wood and Iron with Alexandra Glueckler, Don Clark, John Capon
  • Leah Denbok
  • Dan Field 
  • Mâché with Music featuring Roisin Cadieux


  • The Year of the Craft featuring Becky Comber, Kate Civiero, Heather Hughes
  • Stepping Out Noble Fogel, Eunice Van Wert, Jill Bates
  • Three Views featuring Kathi Alexander, Jane Wynne, Diane Timperly
  • BVO Art Show
  • Angela Plesa
  • Horizons & Beyond featuring Irma Kogler
  • All things bright and beautiful featuring Kathie Wright
  • 20th Anniversary Show
  • Spring Forward Marsh Street Painters
  • The Untamed Arctic featuring Istvan Lenway


  • The Rug Hooking Group featuring Donna Ireland
  • Carol Hahn
  • Jim Paget
  • Robert Burcher
  • Susette and Sean
  • Frank Richter
  • Rachel and Sharma
  • Jim Olgilvie
  • Love Is BVCS student show
  • Wildman Show featuring Willi Wildman


  • Holy Crow Beads: Outrageous Beaded Jewellery by Beverley Smith
  • Contraries, an Artist's Life featuring Joan Folinsbee
  • All Creation Sings featuring Akke Stretch, Kathie Wright, Sheila Bannerman
  • Art by Houghton featuring Jon Houghton
  • Sweet-escape featuring Pamella Branch and Barbara Hicks-Lyne
  • Three Views (Watercolour) featuring Kathi Alexander, Diane Timperley and Jane Wynne


  • Pottery Show and Sale: Carol Hahn and Her Claymates
  • Inscapes by Susan Armstrong and Valerie Nichol
  • Through the Looking Glass (Four Seasons) by Peter Mather
  • Repurposed Art Extravaganza
  • Traces by Nancy De Boni
  • From the Quirky to the Sublime by Stella Cairns, Angela Plesa, Di Collins
  • Old & New by Marilyn Kutsukake
  • Love in Stitches: Crazy Quilts by Rose Klinsky
  • Tree by Adriene Veninger
  • Alice Cowan


  • Willi Wildman's Studio presents Salon d'Hiver, a Holiday Gift Show Willi Wildman
  • Vintages: Barb Hector and Eunice Van Wert
  • Two Sisters Holle Hahn and Elke Mack
  • Vera Dernovsek: Georgian Bluffs
  • Canada and the Caribbean featuring Howard Payne
  • LauraLee K. Harris
  • Terry Best
  • Susan Meingast
  • Vallery Mokrytzki
  • Marsh Street Painters with Diane Timberley, Susan Armstrong, Kathi Alexander, Judy Shield
  • Kris Rosar - Photography


  • Bay School of Arts
  • Georgian Quilters
  • Carol Hahn and her Claymates
  • Jim Paget:  Peasmarsh
  • Peter Beckett
  • Marlene Bulas
  • Joan Folinsbee
  • Jn Olerich
  • G.B.A.C.A : Skiers Invitational Art Show
  • Children's masterpieces The Bay School of Arts
  • Wildman Studios
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