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Growing Up in Rhodesia

Location: The Gallery at L.E. Shore - 173 Bruce St. S..

Karen Clegg was born in Rhodesia in 1969, a small landlocked British territory in Southern Africa that rebelled and declared UDI (Unilateral Declaration of Independence) in 1965. She calls herself a fourth generation ‘Zimbabwean’ and grew up during the Rhodesian war.

In 1996 she was nominated for the National Zimbabwe Rothmans Communicator of the Year Award, and the youngest nominee in the history of that award.  In 2000 she moved to Canada and during her first 5 years here she was a regular guest speaker for Probus and Rotary groups talking about the crisis in Zimbabwe under the 37 year late-Robert Mugabe dictatorship. 

She visits Africa every other year, and in November 2020, will lead her first tour in Southern Africa, and is opening it up to just 10 people.(www.snowbirdsfly.ca)

In partnership with L.E. Shore Memorial Library, Karen will share some of her Rhodesian childhood memories. 

L.E. Shore Memorial Library in Thornbury on Sunday January 26 at 2:00pm

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