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Post-It Note Activity: Kick Off Event

Location: Craigleith Heritage Depot & L.E. Shore.

It's Back! And Bigger Than Ever!

The Blue Mountains Public Library's famous Post-It Note Activity is back and better than ever starting Tuesday November 2nd and running until Tuesday, November 23rd. To support physical distancing, we'll be having this drop-in activity over 3 weeks. This is a key part of our Phase II, so stop in and stop in often.

How It Works

This is where the fun happens! When you stop in to Craigleith Heritage Depot or L.E. Shore, you'll find fun and interactive questions on walls and windows that are about your BMPL GLAM (Gallery, Library, Archive & Museum). You then get to grab a post-it note pad and a sharpie and write down all your great ideas, insights and visions.

How many can you add? As many as you like! You can even comment on other post-it notes, too! Add a checkmark, expand on an idea or make a comment.

Raffle Draw

Each time you stop by BMPL and participate in the Post-It Note Activity you'll also get a ticket for our Raffle Draw. You'll have your choice from a variety of prizes to chose from for your chance to win. You'll definitely want to stop by often between Nov 2-23rd to get as many chances as you can to win in our Raffle Draw. The more times you stop by and participate the more chances to win! Winners will be announced after the Post-It Note Activity concludes.

For Kids & Teens

Kids' and Teens' voices matter, too! We'll have paper up on our walls just for you with tons of markers available so you can colour all over it. Get creative and draw what you'd like for your BMPL GLAM! Each time you return and participate is a chance to get another ticket for a chance to win in our Raffle Draw. Stop in often for more chances to win prizes! Do you see a picture or idea that you like? Comment on it, put a checkmark or a heart! Show others what a great idea it is with your support!

Kick Off Door Prizes

We'll be offering special Door Prizes to the first few folks who stop by to participate when we kick off the event. Door Prizes will be offered to the first few folks at L.E. Shore at 10:00 am and at Craigleith Heritage Depot at 12:00 pm! Prizes are from local small business throughout The Town of The Blue Mountains and are waiting just for you!

Virtual Post-It Note Activity

For those unable to make it to the Library in person, we have also designed the same questions in a survey* format. You can also enter into our Raffle Draw! See here for a list of the prizes and see here for the survey.

*Please note that this survey only allows you to provide input - you will not be able to comment on others' ideas. 

Contact: Mary
Phone: 519-599-3681 ext. 146
Email: BMPLconsultation@TheBlueMountains.ca