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Fossil Fieldwork Demonstration

Location: Craigleith Heritage Depot - 113 Lakeshore Rd. East, The Blue Mountains.

Come see fossils revealed for the first time in 450 million years!
An afternoon of demonstration and activities for all ages. Discover the first animals to live in the Blue Mountains.
The Craigleith Heritage Depot invites you to join the museum for a Fossil Fieldwork Demonstration with paleontologist Dave Rudkin and field collector Stu Collier of the Royal Ontario Museum. Learn how to identify fossils and see how paleontologists prepare rocks for fossil research.
In the summer of 2020 the museum was able to acquire a large shale rock full of fossils to add to our natural history collection. To make it easier for our staff to maintain and display the specimens, and to see what other fossils it might contain, we have invited professionals to do a shale splitting demonstration. Discover what kinds of animals lived in the Blue Mountains area millions of years ago!
Will the rock be cracked clean in half? How many fossils will be uncovered?
Be the first to see what’s inside!
Friday August 27th at 2pm outside on the Craigleith Heritage Depot lawn. Admission by donation. Spaces are limited so please register at depot@thebluemountains.ca, 519-599-3681 x 6, or on our website.

Watch our award-winning film Craigleith Fossils with Dave and Stu anytime on the Blue Mountains Public Library Youtube channel.
Check out our Fossil Finding Adventures kit with your library card to discover fossils on your own!

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