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Favourite Moment of Summer Art Contest

Location: The Blue Mountains Public Library.

The Blue Mountains Public Library is hosting a Summer Art Contest! We would like for you to share your Favourite Moment of Summer with us. Submissions can be photographs, sketches, paintings, or drawings of your favourite hangout, your favourite place to read, or something that took your breath away.

Whatever your artistic passion or hobby is, this art contest is a great way to highlight and showcase your talents to your local community. Send us your artwork throughout the month of August for a chance to win amazing prizes.

This contest runs from August 1- August 31. Winning pieces will be posted to our website and in a Biblioboard exhibit. 

There are five age categories:

  • Ages 0-5 years
  • Ages 6-10 years
  • Ages 11-14 years
  • Ages 15-18 years
  • Ages 18+

Please send your photos or photos of your artwork (JPG, PNG) via email at LibraryPrograms@TheBlueMountains.ca

Contest closes on August 31st.

Contact: Jen
Phone: 519-599-3681 Ext. 5
Email: libraryprograms@thebluemountains.ca Website: https://thebluemountainslibrary.ca/event-calendar.cfm