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ACC Presents: Music as Sound and its Effect on Blood Bone and Brain

Location: Webinar.

We usually encounter music and research about music without considering music merely as sound - the way a cat might hear it. But when you look at music as rhythmic or pulsed waves of compressed molecules and how these interact with your mind and body you get a surprising perspective - and hard to understand responses.

Join Lee Bartel, PhD, Professor Emeritus, former Associate Dean of Research, and Founding Director of the Music and Health Research Collaboratory (MaHRC) at the Faculty of Music, University of Toronto. 

This talk will clarify a model of response to music and pulsed stimulation and how it can affect us from a psychological level to a cellular level. It will then look specifically at how sound vibration is translated to a response in the body and brain. Clinical treatments and research will be described how these cellular level effects are applied in conditions like pain, stroke, Alzheimer’s, spinal alignment, bone density, circulation, depression, etc. 

This program is now available on our YouTube channel. Check out the presentation here.

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