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Author Talk with Sean Dolan

Friday May 27, 2022

Time: 2:00pm - 3:30pm

Location: The Gallery at L.E. Shore.

Join local author, Sean Dolan, to hear about his debut novel, My Father's Secret, an entertaining thriller with the themes of justice and injustice, reconciliation and alienation, and duty and denial—together representing both the admirable and dishonourable aspects of the Canadian national identity.

Declan Keenan, who makes an unexpected discovery while cleaning out his family’s house after his father’s death. His father, a former RCMP Security Service agent, left a videotape message that drops responsibility for resolving an old case into his son’s lap. Unable to refuse his father’s dying wish, Declan begins his search for answers in an attempt to satisfy justice. In the process, the motive, means, and opportunities that led to the 1973 bombing of BOAC Flight 281 are revealed; but so too are the agendas to have the case buried.

Solving this thirty-year-old case with its inherent obstacles and challenges is frustratingly elusive, especially when compounded by present-day tragedy and official cover-ups. Despite threats, destruction of evidence, and murder, Declan perseveres, knowing that he must do his utmost to reveal his father’s secret and expose a long hidden truth.

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