Community Consultation

Every four years The Blue Mountains Public Library approves a four-year organizational Strategic Plan. The 2018-2022 Strategic Plan was completed in Fall 2018 and will remain in place into 2022, when the new four-year Plan is approved.

Our  Strategic Plan Process was approved on May 20, 2021 by the Board including research model, timelines, and Phases of the Strategic Plan Development. 

Check out the bottom of this page as we begin to release our raw data and interim reports.

Coming Events 

As we continue our planning in Summer 2021 we will be adding various activities and events where you can provide your voice to this process. Check back often as dates and times may change due to weather.

The Strategic Planning Working Group is releasing all data gathered and Reports to the Board here as a means of transparency. More information will be released in December and January as we close out Phase II of the study.