Community Builders

Community Builders are people who have skills or talents that they wish to share or teach others, such as tutoring, knitting, or changing tires through volunteering. Your skills do not have to relate to the Gallery, Library, Archives or Museum (GLAM) but can be life-skills, hobbies or interests. Community Builders can add their skills here, and we'll connect you with someone who is interested in learning about it. Only skills will be listed on this website, and we'll contact you when someone lets us know they are interested to arrange a time for you to meet at one of our branches.

Let us know if you'd like to be a Community Builder.

Is there a skill, talent, hobby or interest you'd like to learn about from someone in the community? Let us know if you have a suggestion or if there is a skill listed you'd like to be connected with.

If you want to share your skill, talent, hobby or interest with others as a volunteer, please let us know and we'll add your skill here!

We will add skills here based on interest from community members!