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Come in and see what's on display!

The Craigleith Heritage Depot - located between the building and the parking lot

Sir Sandford Fleming - located behind the outdoor sign facing Highway 26

The Petun Indigenous People - located a few steps down the trail that leads East from the parking lot

Fossils and natural history - Delphi Point Park

Local Petun Indigenous Villages Model 

Blue Mountain Pottery

Stuck In A Rock: Oil Industry in Craigleith

The Mary Ward Shipwreck including ship model 

Trilobite viewing area

Petun Pottery

Sir Sandford Fleming: A Family Legacy in Craigleith

Local Military Heritage

Erskine Brown sculptures

Walter Trier works

Train History in Craigleith

Beaver River Rat Race 

Depot Fine Dining Restaurant 

Osler Castle mantle

Agricultural Industry - Visit  *NEW!*

Agricultural production has always been an industry in the area, even prior to European settlement in the Blue Mountains area. Many early settlers were hoping to find their fortunes in Canadian agriculture. Learn more about local agricultural industries. 

Beaver Valley Fall Fair - Visit

Celebrating 150 years of the Beaver Valley's local agricultural societies' hosting of the Beaver Valley Fall Fair. 
Share pictures of Fair Ambassadors, Fall Fair memories and more at: bluemountains.librariesshare.com/beavervalleyfallfair

Beaver Valley Agricultural Society - Visit

Formed in 1870, the Beaver Valley Agricultural Society is one of the oldest organizations in the Town of The Blue Mountains community. Learn about the organization's history.
Share pictures, clippings, memories and more at: bluemountains.librariesshare.com/beavervalleyfallfair

Beaver River Rat Race - Visit

In the spring of 1957, in what was then Collingwood Township, the community saw two or three peculiar home-made looking “vessels” launched on the Beaver River in Heathcote. When the “captains” of these boats completed their journey in Clarksburg, they emerged looking like drowned rats. This adventure gave life to the Beaver River Rat Race, which would continue for over two more decades.

Clarksburg Sesquicentennial - Virtual Museum of Canada - Visit

Nestled in a valley near the blue-green shores of Georgian Bay there is a village where time appears to have stood still.

Communities - VisitNEW!*

This online collection of images, artifacts and resource highlights the histories of the different communities that now make up the Town of Blue Mountains.

Heritage Scrapbook - Visit  *NEW!*

With the Craigleith Heritage Depots large collection of historical photographs we have created local family "scrapbook" collections from our photograph and archival collection.

Share photographs, family heirlooms and more here.

Indigenous History and Culture - Visit

The current community of The Town of The Blue Mountains has deep historical roots. The First Peoples who lived here chose this area for the natural resources, the spiritual places and the beauty of this remarkable place. Indigenous Peoples continue to live, work and connect across The Blue Mountains.
Also see Journey of Knowledge, an exhibit companion guide.

Leonard E. Shore - Visit

Learn about Leonard Eldon Shore; a prominent architect with strong roots in The Blue Mountains. The L.E. Shore Memorial Library, which opened in 1995, was built with generous funds from the Shore Foundation. 
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Library History of The Blue MountainsVisit *NEW!*

The Blue Mountains, Ontario has been home to public libraries for over 160 years.

Literary Women of The Blue Mountains - Visit

These women all share a connection having lived some part of their lives in the area currently known as the Town of The Blue Mountains. 
Share stories, biographical info and more at: bluemountains.librariesshare.com/literarywomen/

Niagara Escarpment - Visit

Learn about the Escarpment, how you can help preserve this natural wonder, and about other sports and pastimes that are connected to this land.
Share your images and stories about local ferns and orchids at: bluemountains.librariesshare.com/niagaraescarpment

Our Military Heritage - Visit

Our Military Heritage is a series of online exhibits involving the people of the Town of The Blue Mountains.
Share your pictures and more regarding local military heritage at: bluemountains.librariesshare.com/ourmilitaryheritage/

Samuel de Champlain - Visit

In January 15, 1616, Samuel de Champlain traveled to visit the Petun at Blue Mountains.

Shale Oil Works - Visit 

The only successfully producing shale oil manufacturing plant in Ontario operated between 1858-1861 in the Blue Mountains.

Staying Home Stories - Visit 

Everyone is learning new ways to live during this time. We want to know how the pandemic has shaped our local culture.
Share your pictures and stories about your 2019-2020 year at: bluemountains.librariesshare.com/Stayinghomestories/

Walter Trier - Visit

Walter Trier is the world-renown illustrator and commercial artist whose influence can be found far and wide, including in The Town of The Blue Mountains, Ontario, Canada.
Share your pictures and stories connected to Walter Trier at: bluemountains.librariesshare.com/waltertrier

Willi Winkels - Visit

Wee Willi Winkels' innovations in skateboard manufacturing and snowboard development had a great impact on the sports. 
Share your Willi Winkels memories and pictures at: bluemountains.librariesshare.com/williwinkels

Winter Sports and Recreation - Visit *NEW!*

This online collection of images, artifacts and resource demonstrates the roots of the many different winter sports and recreation opportunities in the Blue Mountains. 

Samuel de Champlain's Writings
Historic Games
Charles Stuart: A Local Abolitionist
Earthenware Everywhere
'Pathway' Film 
'Mary Ward' Film
Jozo Weider and Blue Mountain Resort 
10th Anniversary