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Applying to Exhibit

The Gallery at LE Shore offers 11 exhibits annually, each juried by the Arts & Culture Council (AAC).  Exhibits generally open on the first Saturday of the month and close the last Thursday of the month.  Dates of Openings can be found in the Event Calendar and Exhibits

Monthly exhibits are a combination of invitational, open call, and salon show with annual schedules announced approximately one year in advance.  A call for 2021 exhibits will be announced on this website, In the Gallery blog, and within our e-newsletter.  Please subscribe for additional information. 

The 2020 February and July shows will be seperate calls. 

  • February 2020 is a Salon Show and artists may drop off a limited number of items to be shown. All items must be available for sale. A small fee for hanging and commission rates apply. More information will be posted in December 2019.
  • July 2020 is a Juried Show. Cash prizes will be available for 1st, 2nd, 3rd prize. This process will begin with online submissions for shortlisting, with onsite jurying followed by the show. Only those selected for shortlist by the jury will be shown. More information will follow in the Spring 2020. 

Gallery (Main Room) Applications

The Gallery at L.E. Shore is our main room and is a large open space.  The Gallery is used for Library speaker series and other programs, so all materials must be able to be securely affixed to the walls.  Pottery, jewelry, or other art forms may be considered for display in the Showcase and, when approved by the ACC as part of the annual exhibition plan, can be promoted as part of the monthly show.

The 2021 Call for Artists will be open from April 15-May 31, 2019.  The Jury will be making notice in the early summer 2020 and all contracts should be completed prior to September 1, 2020 for the following year.  Submissions are by email and must include six (6) images of work which represents the work you intend to show.  These images need not be the exact items but will be considered by the jury when determining applications.  While there is no minimum standard for image submission, quality photos should be submitted, as these will be the primary means of selecting artists. 


There are two applications to consider.  Please be sure to submit all requirements of applications.  Incomplete applications may be rejected.  

  • Individual Artist Application-This application is required for all applicants, regardless if applying for a solo or group show.
  • Gallery Group Application-This application must be completed by the lead applicant of a proposed group show.  Group applications to exhibit are those where one individual or agency will apply for a group to show together.  Examples would be an art school/club, or a group of 2 of more individual arts who would like to show together. 
  • Conditions for the Exhibition of Work 

The application form(s) and all supporting materials may be submitted electronically to  

Showcase Applications

Artists wishing to exhibit in a Showcase may apply through The Gallery application (annual) or Showcase Rental application.  Only Showacases provided through annual call for applications will receive promotion. No external promotion is given to Showcases rentals. Rental fees apply only to those not part of am established show.

While the ACC does not have set criteria for selection of artists and work to be shown in The Gallery at LE Shore, the following priorities have been established within the ACC Terms of Reference:

  • exhibition of local artists 
  • a balance of exhibitions of emmerging and established artists
  • artists who have not shown in The Gallery within the previous year
  • artist who are not showing in other local galleries within four months of planned LE Shore exhibit.


Priority is given to artists for Showcases rentals, with first right of refusal given to those exhibiting in The Gallery at LE Shore.  


Set priorities of the Town Hall exhibits can be found in the Municipal Art Program.

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