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Wireless Internet FAQ

Wireless internet access (or WiFi) is free at the both branches subject to the library's Wireless Access Guidelines.

Wireless / mobile printing is also available. Send from anywhere. Pick up at the L.E. Shore Memorial Library.

What is wireless Internet access?

Wireless Internet access uses radio waves to exchange information between your computer and the Internet.
No cables are required.

Why wireless?

How do I use wireless at the library?

What about security?

The Library's WiFi is not secure. Information sent over our network can potentially be intercepted by someone else. When accessing corporate e-mail and other sensitive information, considering using additional security, such as a VPN, or Virtual Private Network. Your computer must be fully protected with up-to-date security software.

Limitations and Disclaimers

The Library assumes no responsibility for the safety of equipment or for laptop configurations, security, or data files resulting from connection to the Library's network

The Library cannot assure the safety of your data when you use either our wired or wireless Internet access. The Library recommends that credit card information and passwords not be transmitted while using a library wireless network.

Can the library help me configure my computer?

Library staff may be available to assist you. However, everyone's computer is different and you are responsible for knowing how to configure your own equipment. The Blue Mountains Public Library cannot be responsible for any changes you make to your computer's settings.