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The Volunteer Program of the Blue Mountains Public Library creates opportunities for individuals to feel personal satisfaction while performing a valuable service for the community.

The library staff will welcome you as a volunteer member and hope your volunteer experience will be a gratifying one.  We appreciate the generous gifts of your time, energy and special skills. Your help as a volunteer allows the library to provide a higher level of library services to the citizens of our community and makes a significant contribution to the quality of life in the Town of the Blue Mountains.

Public libraries are a unique community resource available to everyone for information, learning, and pleasure. You are helping us open our doors wider and extend our services further. You also assist the library by carrying the knowledge and love of the Library into the community on our behalf.

Thank you for volunteering and your gift of time!

What You Can Do To Help the Library

Last year, many volunteers donated hundreds of hours of work to the Library.  A list of tasks that can be done by volunteers follows.  Please note that many of these positions may not be available at all times depending on current volunteer participation. If you are interested in volunteering at the Library, contact CEO Sabrina Saunders at 519-599-3681 ext. 148.