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Research and Homework

Looking for a book for a grade 12 ISU project?

The resources below are subscription-based research databases that aren't normally available for free. If you are outside the library, you will have to enter your 14-digit library card number. If you don't know your library card number, email, visit or call us.

Research Databases

Enter your 14-digit library card to use these resources outside the Library.  For more databases, go to our A-Z list.

Canadian Points of View presents multiple sides of a current issue. Browse a list of topics that includes Arctic Drilling, Drug Policy, Euthanasia, Gay Marriage, Genetically Modified Food, and much more.

CPI.Q Canadian Periodicals

Use CPI.Q to find articles from Canadian and international journals, magazines, selected sections of the Globe and Mail, Canadian biographies, and other reference content with a Canadian focus. More Newspapers and Magazines

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