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Museum Exhibits

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Museum Exhibits

The museum component of the Craigleith Heritage Depot has the largest footprint in square footage of the four services currently housed in the building (museum, library, archives, tourism information). The indoor areas designated for museum exhibits are as follows: the Entrance Hallway, the Main Gallery (consisting of the Green Room and the Red Room), and the Turret Room. Historic information can also be found on three large plaques outside the building, the topics of which are outlined below.


Outdoor Plaques

  • The Craigleith Heritage Depot - located between the building and the parking lot
  • Sir Sandford Fleming - located behind the outdoor sign facing Highway 26
  • The Petun Indigenous People - located a few steps down the trail that leads East from the parking lot

Entrance Hallway

  • "Jozo Weider and Blue Mountain Resort" in the Tall Glass Case
  • "Osler Castle" in the Osler Castle Cabinet
    - a Blue Mountain Pottery exhibit is currently on display in this case and cabinet.

Main Gallery

  • "Work and Play: Recreation and Occupation in the Blue Mountains" in the Green Room Display Case, featuring:
    • Blue Mountain Pottery
    • Petun Pottery
    • Skiing
    • Hunting
    • Hiking and Local Trails
    • Religion and Spirituality
    • Fishing
    • Sewing and Textiles
      - This case will have rotating exhibits for our Canada 150 themes for 2017 (not necessarily
        related to the mentioned categories above).
  •  Ticket Alcove will have rotating displays reflecting our Canada 150 themes for 2017.
  • "Local Petun Indigenous Villages Model"
  • "Food For Thought: Local Foodways in The Blue Mountains" in the Red Room Display Case
  • "Stuck In A Rock: Oil Industry in Craigleith" in a Cube Case in the Red Room
  • "The Mary Ward Shipwreck" in a Cube Case in the Red Room
  • "Trilobite Touch Table" in the Red Room

Turret Room

  • "Sir Sandford Fleming: A Family Legacy in Craigleith" in a Cube Case in the Turret Room
  • "Train History in Craigleith" all throughout the Turret Room


Main Gallery

  • "Samuel de Champlain's Writings" in the Ticket Alcove
  • "Historic Games" in the Ticket Alcove
  • "Charles Stuart: A Local Abolitionist" in the Ticket Alcove
  • "Earthenware Everywhere" in the "Work and Play" case in green room


January - Exlporers and Indigenous Peoples
February - Black History
March - Canadian Circus
April - Canadian Film
May - Clay the Canadian Way
June - Naturally Blue
July - Celebration
August - Inventing Canada
September - Canadian Foodways
October - Stories from our Community
November - Defending Canada
December - Multiculturalism in Canada

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