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Library Board

Special Meeting of the Board--November 29th 6:00 pm.  LGA Architectural Partners Inc will be presenting the Feasibility Study & Space Plan results to the Board and community.

2014-2018 Members

Odette Bartnicki (Chair) [Apr 2018-End of Board Term]
Maurice R. Pepper (Vice Chair) [Mar 2018- End of Board Term]
R. J. Gamble 
Laurey Gillies
John McKean
Willi Wildman

Strategic Plan 2018-2022

The 2014-2018 Library Board has produced a Legacy Document following more than a year of consultations with the community, staff, and experts.  The result is a SMART document (strategic, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time oriented). The Strategic Plan is produced in two versions:

To assist in achieving the Strat Plan and its vision over the next four years, the Library Board will release annual action plans and the staff will develop an annual workplan.  Additionally, the board committee structure, as of October 2018, has been aligned to three of the goals, while the fourth falls under the CEO's roles.  The committee and CEO reports shall directly align to the Strategic Plan, action plan, and work plan for transparancy and accountability to the vision and Strategic Goals of the Board. 

Year in Review 

We are pleased to once again make available an annual report.  The Year in Review period of this report is June 2017-June2018 following the Interim and new CEO and Board activities.

Community Consultation 

Please consider providing feedback on this weeks short User Survey.  Your feedback will inform our practice!

User Survey #1: Website

User Survey #2: Mission Statement [closes May 14]

User Survey #3: Programming

User Survey #4: Adult Collections | Children's Collections | Teen Collections

User Survey #5: Staff Satisfaction Survey [Closed to Staff]

User Survey #6: Followup to Community Consultation

Vision Statement

To be a multi-branch library system, with a thriving museum and gallery, that meets the ever-changing interests and needs
of the diverse population of the Town of The Blue Mountains. Approved September 2018.

Mission Statement

The Blue Mountains Public Library is the dynamic centre of community engagement where everyone is free to create, explore, learn, research and connect in an inclusive environment. Updated May 2018 by community vote.

Values Statement

Values Word Map




Board Meetings

The Blue Mountains Public Library Board meets on the third Thursday of each month at 2 pm in the L.E. Shore Memorial Library & Gallery, no less than ten months a year.  You may wish to visit our other pages found at the sidebar. 

All correspondence directed to the Library Board should be directed to the Board Secretary: Dr. Sabrina Saunders LibraryCEO@TheBlueMountains.ca; delivered to L.E. Shore Memorial Library or Craigleith Heritage Depot; or mailed to the Library at:

P.O. Box 580
Thornbury, ON
N0H 2P0

For further information on the Library Board, please contact:

Dr. Sabrina Saunders, CEO/Secretary to the Board
519-599-3681, ext 148

Library Board