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O Canada! A photographic exhibit by Robert Burcher

Posted: by Elisa on September 4, 2014

The L.E. Shore Memorial Library and the Arts Advisory Council proudly welcomes Oh Canada! a photographic exhibit by Robert Burcher. The opening reception, with the artist in attendance is from 2:00-4:00pm on Saturday, September 6; Robert Burcher will be speaking at 3:00pm...

O Canada! A photographic exhibit by Robert Burcher

Burcher notes, we have all heard about the Fight or Flight Response as a way to deal with stress; recently I heard a psychologist on the radio suggesting that for our mental health we need to cultivate the opposite response as well; to practice a Contemplate and Acknowledge Response. To stop, notice and acknowledge something that is wonderful or beautiful is what we all need to do more of.

My photography is an active result of this process. Taking that extra moment to honour the beauty and wonder in the world; to capture it and to share it. Happily we live in a wonderful country where we have an abundance of beauty whether it is a waterfall, a curious cloud formation or a couple embracing on a snowy shoreline. This photography show is the result of my love of our country and some of the wonder-full moments I have seen and captured over the years.

Oh Canada! will be exhibiting from September 3 to 30th during regular library hours.