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#5. Truancy By Isamu Fukui

Posted: by Jaydon on May 19, 2017

Hello Readers! I can't believe I'm already at the end of yet another list...wow! It's about that time of the year where I love to read outside, under a tree (or in one), at the beach even though its still a bit cold to go swimming!

#5. Truancy By Isamu Fukui

Copyright: 2008

Genre: Dystopian

This book is a must read for all teens!  It deals with a school system that has been corrupted by the people in charge. The story is set in a post apocalyptic world, where the system has been broken a million times over. Instead of fixing what’s wrong with it, they make it impossible to escape.  In my opinion, dystopian books are someone’s imagination running wild but at the same time imagining what our future will be like if we don’t do anything to stop things from getting out of hand.  I mean, who wants to compete in the Hunger Games just for a chance to live without fear of starving to death?  Or learn that after your aptitude test you’re Divergent and know that no matter where you run, you’ll always have to conceal who you are?  I hope you like this book as much as I did!

15 year old Tack’s life consists of getting up, going to school, trying not to be eaten alive by all the terrible teachers, coming home, doing homework and then going to sleep. He wishes it could be different but the only way he can leave is to finish high school. The alternative is to be severely punished by the system, which has been corrupted by the people in charge.  Between the bulling Educators, Enforcers and the Student Militia it seems like nothing will ever change. One day Tack meets a strange boy who he’s never seen before, Umasi. When he offers to train Tack in fighting skills, it’s not an offer he can turn down.  After Tack loses a family member to a group he’s never heard of, all he wants is revenge. The Truancy’s name has been kept under wraps for the fear of losing more students to its movement. They’ve been at war with the Educators for years and Tack wants to join them but is conflicted by his grief.  How could he join the group that killed someone so close to him?  Nevertheless, he decides that the Truancy is the only way to change things for everyone and joins them under his new name of Takan. Will Tack succeed helping in the downfall of the corrupt system or will it have all been for naught?  Find out in “Truancy”!

Happy Reading!

~ Jaydon



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