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#6. Lying Out Loud By Kody Keplinger

Posted: by Jaydon on August 28, 2016

Hey Readers! The summer is drawing to a close and so must our summer reading list...but not to worry I will continue to write reviews! So here it is, "Lying Out Loud" By: Kody Keplinger

#6. Lying Out Loud By Kody Keplinger

Drum roll please! Here it is everyone! The last summer read, “Lying Out Loud” by  Kody Keplinger. If you liked “The DUFF” than this is going to leave you wishing you hadn’t reached the end!  The perfect book to sit under a tree and soak up the rest of the summer with. Enjoy!

Sonya “Sonny” Ardmore lies about everything. Even the littlest thing like being late for school. She even lies to her best friend Amy Rush about her Mom kicking her out.  Sonny doesn’t realize what a tangled web she’s woven, until all her lies one by one, start to fall apart. Friends and enemies are like love and war, similar but different.  That’s where Ryder Cross, the new guy comes into the picture. Sonny doesn’t like him at all. The worst part is he’s crushing on Amy, and HARD.

Sonny thinks that Amy’s too nice for her own good, but maybe it’s Sonny who’s being too hard.  Find out what will become of Sonny, Amy and Ryder in “Lying Out Loud”!

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Happy Reading!!

~ Jaydon