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#2: Indigo By Gina Linko

Posted: by Jaydon on July 21, 2016

Hey Everyone! I hope you've found some awesome books to Interlibrary Loan! Indigo is a great read, so if you're bored make sure to read this one! Check back for the review for "Everything, Everything" By Nicola Yoon!

#2: Indigo By Gina Linko

Once again, Gina Linko has nailed it!  I absolutely loved “Flutter” so much I knew right away I had to read this one too!   This book is a one way ticket, once you start reading it there’s no stopping (except when you get to the end of course, but even then you’ll be wanting more!)!  I hope you all enjoy this book as much as I did!

Corrine has never been normal.  No matter how much she wants to be, no matter how hard she tries. Corrine has a gift (or is it a curse?), that she believes killed her sister. She wasn’t always drawn out from the world. She used to be free, but then Sophie died, her family suddenly moved to New Orleans and her world was turned upside down. Since Sophie died, she won’t let anyone touch her. She’s worried that she’ll hurt another person she loves, but then Rennick comes into her life.  Rennick somehow understands Corrine, something she never thought anyone could do. As he helps her realize that maybe her gift isn’t a curse after all, she unravels the mystery around Sophie’s death.  Will Corrine learn to accept her gift as a part of who she is or will she tuck herself away further than ever?  Find out in Indigo!

Happy Reading!