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All about Interlibrary Loans! (ILL)

Posted: by Jaydon on July 7, 2016

Have a book you really want to read but the library doesn't have it? Interlibrary Loans will solve this problem. Keep on reading for more information about interlibrary loans and sending in suggestions.

All about Interlibrary Loans! (ILL)

All you need to be able to Interlibrary Loan from home is: a Blue Mountains Public Library card, a computer, and a book you really want to read!  It is important to know that books have to be at least 6 months old to be requested through an interlibrary loan, and books on a bestseller list may not be available through interlibrary loans.  **Also, make sure you check the library's online catalog to be sure that the library doesn't already have the book you are looking for**

How to do an Interlibrary Loan online:

<< Go to http://www.thebluemountainslibrary.ca >>

<< Then click on "How do I...?">>

<< Select "request from another library?">> 

<< Once you've done that, scroll down to #3 and click "start here">>

<< Fill in the necessary information (e.g... Name, phone number and library card number.)>>

How to do a DIY Interlibrary Loan (also called Patron-Initiated Interlibrary Loan)

<< Go to http://www.thebluemountainslibrary.ca/patron-ill.cfm >>

<< Follow the steps >>

<< Fill in the necessary information on the application form http://www.thebluemountainslibrary.ca/apply-inter-library-ind.cfm

<< Start ordering in books! >>

How to Interlibrary Loan from the library:

<< Go to library front desk >>

<< Ask for an Interlibrary Loan form >>

<< Fill out the appropriate information >>

If the book is too new or on the bestseller list you can make a patron suggestion:

<< Go to http://catalogue.thebluemountainslibrary.ca/cgi-bin/koha/opac-main.pl  >>

<< Enter your library card number >>

<< Key in your password (It's the last 4 numbers of your phone number) >>

<< Once you're logged in, there are 8 different tabs on the left >>

<< Select "Your purchase suggestions" >>  

<< Fill in the necessary information >> 

Happy reading!

~ Jaydon