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Top 6 Book Picks for Summer

Posted: by Jaydon on June 30, 2016

Hey Everyone! Here`s what we've all been waiting for (other than summer vacation of course!)...My top 6 book picks for summer! You can find all of the books in stock on the library`s catalogue (except for a couple on order. If you've subscribed to my blog, thank you! Check back for more reviews.)

Top 6 Book Picks for Summer

My Top 6 Book Picks for Summer

1. Don't Even Think About It By: Sarah Mlynowski

2. Indigo By: Gina Linko  (On order)

3. Everything, Everything By: Nicola Yoon  (In stock)

4. A Midsummer's Nightmare By: Kody Keplinger (In stock)

5. DUFF (The Designated Ugly Fat Friend) By: Kody Keplinger  (In stock)

6. LOL (Lying Out Loud)  By: Kody Keplinger (On order)