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#3. Let It Snow By J.Green, M.Johnson, L.Myracle

Posted: by Jaydon on December 21, 2016

Happy Holidays everyone! It's a wonderful time of year, I hope you are all enjoying it! Let It Snow is a collaboration between three amazing authors...perhaps you know them. Their names are: John Green (yes THE John Green author of "The Fault In Our Stars"), Maureen Johnson (Author of "13 Little Blue Envelopes") and last but not least, Lauren Myracle (Author of "ttyl" and "Shine")

#3. Let It Snow By J.Green, M.Johnson, L.Myracle

The Jubilee Express By Maureen Johnson

Jubilee Dougal (or Julie as she prefers to be called) was supposed to spend Christmas Eve with her boyfriend Noah and his family. That is until Jubilee’s parents end up in custody because of a little run in at the Flobie Santa Village showroom.  Naturally, her plans are changed and she’s on a train bound for Florida to her grandparent’s for the holidays instead. Then on top of it all, her train gets stuck in the snow just outside of Gracetown where she’s marooned in a really bad waffle house.  Not to mention its strange customers but then she meets Stewart.  Who it turns out is not weird (unlike most of the other people in the waffle house) and offers for her to come back to his house until the storm passes. Maybe Jubilee’s Christmas won’t be as bad as she thought after all.

*** Just a reminder…NEVER ever go to someone’s house when you’re in a strange place and with someone you’ve never met before…it’s a plain bad idea.***

A Cheertastic Christmas Miracle By John Green

During the same storm that derailed Jubilee’s train, Tobin’s parents are storm stayed in Boston while attending a doctor’s conference.  Now he plans to spend his Christmas with his friends JP and Duke (who’s real name’s Angie and is indeed a girl), watching Bond (as in James Bond 007) and having a low-key Christmas.  That is until Tobin and his friends get a call to go down to the nearby waffle house. Apparently there’s a real scene going on because of a derailed train. The storm has put a lot of snow on the road, which makes for slippery driving conditions as well as an adventure for Tobin and his friends.  Maybe it’s not going to be the quiet Christmas that Tobin was expecting.

The Patron Saint Of Pigs  By Lauren Myracle

Adeline (Addie) Lindsey’s boyfriend Jeb broke it off with her after she kissed another guy at a party a week ago.  She’s been sulking in her room since they broke up…even on Christmas Day. That’s when her friends Dorrie and Tegan finally come over to take matters into their own hands.  Their pep talk got Addie through Boxing Day at work but it is going to take a lot more then that. After a mini disaster at the café where she works, Addie takes her break to go pick up Tegan’s new teacup piglet at the petstore only to find it’s been sold to someone else! It’s going to be a very interesting holiday season.

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Happy Reading!

~ Jaydon



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