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#5. The DUFF By Kody Keplinger

Posted: by Jaydon on August 24, 2016

Hey Readers! The review for "The DUFF" is finally here! Be sure to keep an eye out for "Lying Out Loud" also by Kody Keplinger!

#5. The DUFF  By Kody Keplinger

After reading “A Midsummers Nightmare” I knew I had to read “The DUFF”.  Kody Keplinger brings out the most in her characters, making them seem real. An amazing story of friends, enemies, and the people you hate the most, who might not be so bad after all.

Bianca Piper isn’t the “it” girl by a long shot.  Actually… she’s very far from it. Being friends with the two prettiest girls (Jessica and Casey) in school automatically gives her the title “The DUFF”. Bianca had never heard of that term before until the school’s hottest guy, Wesley Rush tells her that she in fact is the DUFF and gives her the definition (The Designated Ugly Fat Friend). For Bianca the only logical thing to do is to soak Wesley and his very expensive looking white polo shirt in cherry coke.  She’s sure he’s the one person she hates the most, until Wesley starts to grow on her.  Horrified that’s she falling for him, she’s not sure who to turn to.  Bianca’s worried that her friends might not understand so she doesn’t tell anyone.  When things go more than south at home…it turns out, the person she can go to is Wesley and his life isn’t so great either.

Find out what Bianca, Jessica, Casey and Wesley have in store for them in, The DUFF!

Happy Reading!

~ Jaydon




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