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Applying to Exhibit


At this time all shows are booked for 2019.


An open call for The Gallery's 2020 shows will occur April 15 through till May 31, 2019.

Gallery (Main Room) Applications

The Gallery at L.E. Shore is our main room and is a large open space.  The Gallery is used for our library speaker series and other programs, so all artwork must be able to be securely affixed to the walls.  Pottery, jewelry, or other art forms may be considered for display in the Showcases and, when approved by the ACC as part of the annual exhibition plan, can be promoted as part of the monthly show.

The 2020 Call for Artists is open from April 15 - May 31, 2019.  The Jury will be deciding 2020 exhibitions in early summer 2019, so all contracts can be completed prior to September 1, 2019 for the following year.  Submissions are made by email, and must include six (6) images of work which represents the work you intend to show.  These images need not be the exact items, but will be considered by the jury when reviewing applications.  While there is no minimum standard for image submission, quality photos should be submitted, as these will be the primary means of selecting artists. 


There are two applications to consider.  Please be sure to submit all requirements of applications as incomplete applications may be rejected.  

The application form(s) and all supporting materials may be submitted electronically to TheGallery@TheBlueMountains.ca  

Criteria for Exhibition

While the ACC does not have set criteria for selection of artists and work to be shown in The Gallery at LE Shore, the following priorities have been established within the ACC Terms of Reference:

Showcase Applications

Artists wishing to exhibit in a Showcase may apply through The Gallery application (annually) or Showcase Rental application.  No external promotion is given to Showcases which are not part of an established show.

Keep Informed

For ongoing updates about The Gallery, please subscribe to In The Gallery, our monthly blog or At the Library, our e-newsletter.  For more information you may contact The ACC at TheGallery@TheBlueMountains.ca